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It's time for all of us to work together to find common sense solutions. One way insurers could help is by directing at risk members to only one provider or one pharmacy. That would help prevent something called doctor or pharmacy shopping. It would also enable better monitoring of these frequently abused, highly addictive prescription drugs. Health plans could also identify high risk members that they had access to the Texas prescription drug monitoring program. Or if they could share information with each other about new enrollees. The opioid crisis is complicated, but we can help make sure that vulnerable Texans get the care they need. For more information about health issues affecting our state visit standing with texas dot com ed Climate cheer for supreme lending. If you want the latest news on the Boston in Central Texas real estate market, you must listen to my friend John McClellan and his show the real Estate Zone. Right here on K L. B. J Radio. It's Tuesday nights from 6 to 7 P.m., You'll get up The date on the latest news on the red hot real estate market. John and his crew will take your calls on the areas of central Texas, where the best investment opportunities are and how government stimulus packages may affect your mortgages. All the latest news on the real estate market is right here on the real estate zone, which John McClellan it's still a great time to refinance and you can speak to especially trained loan officer supreme lending the number 512368 91 100 again. 512368 91 100 all this information It's going to save you thousands of dollars. So don't miss the real estate zone with my friend John McClellan of supreme lending. That's choose tonight. Six or seven. Right here on K. L. B. J in MLS. 2077 68 35 20 Executive center Dr Austin, Texas. Legislative advertising paid for by Las Vegas Sands Corp arranged by Julia Danza. For years, Texans.

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