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Ron paul institute dot org ostensibly written by ron paul himself the weekly column that he writes happy new year he says we always approach a new year with anticipation hope and also some worries last year was one of the strangest political years i have seen in quite some time a new republican president spent his first year pursuing more or less the same foreign policy as his democratic predecessor uh which nobody should really be surprised about i mean after all uh barack obama pursued the same foreign policy as his predecessor verse for sued basically the same for bosnia's is right and the really only question is how much that the body count add up under each one of these these terrible human beings so uh we'll continue here with ron paul your calls and thoughts are also welcome by the way the toll free number is eight 55 450 free like freedom that's eight five five four five zero 373 three but go out on ron says and the democratic party spent the you're looking under every rock in the united states for a russian connection or any other reason to see him impeached over it the neocon dominated foreign policy establishment on both the left and the right where so furious that candidate trump dared suggest we could get along with our enemies overseas that they jumped on the impeachment bandwagon even though once he became president donald trump filled his administration with the okan's and began dropping bombs the like peace candidate obama donald trump quickly dropped his get along with others rhetoric because he did say during his campaign that he you know sported peace and obviously that's now what's happening he says here so he dropped his get along with others rhetoric to become just another aggressive interventionist us president he slammed missiles into syria over unproven claims of a chemical attack he built us military bases on syrian soil he drop the mother of all bombs on afghanistan he continued helping saudi arabia destroy yemen he expanded the us military occupation of africa he put nato troops on the border of russia and did his best to tear up the iran nuclear agreements and in fact may have just launched a color revolution on iran and continued rattling sabers over china's presence in the south china sea at tells us quite a bit about what's wrong with american political life these days the opposition party doesn't really opposed.

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