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Nightclub exclusively for women. The only man allowed him in club with waiters bartenders and the male dancers in order to get a really good seat relates begin to arrive at about six thirty excitement builds until showtime. And i do mean showtime chippendales has a dark history. I know your world is shattered. I need a minute. Your beloved chippendales was born from crime intrigue and murder. Oh my god. This is even more sexy to i. All i can think of is snap off pants coming off and then like money drugs sex scandal just being unearthed via those pants too many metaphors. Maybe the opposite of that is we want you to check out our patriotic which is patron dot com slash. Ghost town pod for bonus episodes early access. No ed's no chitchat. New bonus episode. That is up right now and it is insane. And if you're not familiar for some reason with chippendales and he's pretty culturally. Iconic patrick swayze and chris farley are pretty noteworthy for doing a really funny sketch on saturday. Night live yes. Think eighty s male strippers think bow ties think bachelorette parties think you know officers. Firemen doctors boombox coming in. And just think magic mike really. I guess the more current perhaps version is magic. Mike is somewhat akin to that. I guess it'd be the opposite of a podcast body about the opposite of a podcast. Body chiseling uptake. Podcasts body a lump of malleable clay and chiseling to a glowing muscled adana. That's what we're talking about here. I know it's a stretch. I know we're comfortable where we are. I'm in. I'm wearing jogging. 's right now so this is not our usual. Mo but in order to get all that glistening bow-tied oiled up experience. It comes with a lot of baggage by the way of hitmen murder conspiracy and it ends for some people tragically. But i suppose it had to for chippendales to live on

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