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A thousands of people protested in Tel Aviv during a pouring rain against the government of Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government's proposed changes to Israel's judicial system, many in the crowd held signs comparing Netanyahu to Russian president Vladimir Putin. The president of Israel's Supreme Court attacked the proposed changes as an unbridled attack on the legal system and said they were designed to force a fatal blow on the independence of the judicial system. The proposed reforms that were announced last week by Israel's justice minister would seek to reform Supreme Court nominations through a review committee and enable the parliament to overturn Supreme Court rulings. At least 68 people are dead after a plane crash into a gorge Nepal while trying to land at a newly opened airport in a central resort town. Rescuers are going through the crash site about a mile from the new airport, no word yet on what caused that plane to go down. The plane is operated by Nepal's Yeti airlines. There were 68 people on board plus four crew members. More outcry over the execution of a dual British Iranian national, your CBS Adriana Diaz. Iran announced that it executed a former deputy defense minister an action a U.S. called appalling and sickening. Ali Raza Akbar, who held dual British and Iranian citizenship, was convicted of spying for Britain. He reportedly confessed after extensive torture Akbar, who was 61, was hanged. The British prime minister calls Iran a barbaric regime. It's ten 36

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