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These are great short stories. The people who he sort of represents could not have thought anything about her. I would imagine you feel any loss of respect in going through everything in his life for the work or are you able to. You know separate yourself. Be non judgmental as a documentarian and the work is the work and it stands alone so great question. I don't know that i can really fully answer it. I don't think there's an easy answer for that one. you know. We were interested in his life and who he was and how his life affected his work and vice versa. So it's hard to separate. I'm not of the school of thought that just leaves art and isolation than the person doesn't matter and i don't think there's a way to reconcile it so i guess i hope we can kind of hold in our heads our hearts this is a complicated problematic person and he heard a lot of people and he took what he wanted and he ended his life tragically and he also left us with some timeless works of art. That are worth reading. Can you explain to me your process with ken on what you choose as subject matter because it seems like you guys are going to degree of difficulty dry places told over longtime that requires the viewer to be discerning and committed to. This is gonna be something that is slow and heavy. but you're going to immerse yourself in it. I'm just curious about your process because you guys choose things that are so ohlinger impossible. They must be making difficult choices on purpose. Every topic every subject where every film we've made has its own particular reason why we chose it and not for the degree of difficulty but i guess news for myself feeling the more you do this and the more you feel you understand how to make these kind of stories come alive onstream the more you might aspire to something that's going to be hard so for me. The hardest thing wasn't hemingway but was the vietnam war. That was an unbelievably difficult project. Because of how unsettled the history was and how divisive it isn't how people don't agree on what happened. Let alone why or whose fault it was or anything and then on top of that kind of grasping really trying to understand the vietnamese perspectives on the war and what their experiences were and how. We didn't know that as americans trying to pull all that together was enormously hard. And i think for myself i'll say was excited. Provoking doesn't begin to cover it. Just you know. Terrifying is actually what the word i would say. It's terrifying at the beginning. But having some degree of confidence in the process we go through. The collaboration with jeff ward writer sarah thoughts on our producer or vietnamese producer. Jianghua and just feeling like we're going to figure it out as we go along we will keep our minds out ben. We will try things out. We'll just see where it takes us and hope it works out. Philosophically one is your relationship with terror. Is terror where you have to go because you cannot choose things like the war. Baseball prohibition the vietnam war college behind bars are not things that you can choose. Unless you're deciding..

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