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Thanks for tuning in that you're ready for Thanksgiving man has this year flown. Unbelievable. Well, I'm still doing business up by the good the bad and the ugly and cars and trucks and houses and properties and working hard. I mean, this has been a crazy crazy year. We've had the virus. I had the virus one day and I locked it out. You gotta call me toe. Found out how I did it. Learned the trick from the most contagious hospital in the world. And I've talked about it. And maybe you caught it on something. My shows. Maybe you didn't. But I did beat the virus and I did had the virus and I did get tested, and I was super Super sick for one day. But if you want to talk to me, give me a call 830708. 4789 remember if you like my show. Tell 20 people. Hey, call Randy Adams, a three year old, seven or eight. Or 789 give you a phone number again at the end of the show and tell people hey, buys all kinds of stuff. Anything illegal? That's what I told a friend of mine. He said, Man, you just bought by anything I mean. Bring it all kinds of stuff and and you need a second opinion. You know, Here's the key to me. You know, I've got low overhead. I'm a blessed person. I'm all talked about being thankful for Thanksgiving in a few minutes, But my car let's pay for my cars were paid for him. I tell you what. I've been blessed all my life because good Lord Jesus Christ changed my life. 27 years ago and prosperous from grown with the joy and peace In my heart. I'll talk a little bit about that. But tell 20 people will give Randy Adams a call. Well, 20 people listen to my radio shows or tell 20 people. Um, you know, go to my website. Learn to buy and sell cars dot com. I want you'll even playing field. I wanna be your mentor. I wanna be your friend. I want to be your coach. I want to help you make the right decisions. How many times have we going on prepared and made a mis take this cost us dearly. The man right here lately. The mistake's have caused people for seven years and in debtor's prison, and I don't want you that That's not the way to live. That's you know, not to prosper not to have any money left it to end of the month. So Just keep me in mind. I'm Randy Adams learned to buy sell cars dot com. Like I say, I answer my phone. I wouldn't get my mobile number out a 30708. 4789 like I was saying, man, I'm telling you 2020 has been a crazy year. Um, all the politicians all of the lies the virus hit, and I still think that Russia on the Democrat Party might have had something to do with that. Still trying to trap us down. They're still trying to make us a communist country. Facebook's mad at me. They don't like me because what I say, but I tell the truth. I tell what I believe. I tell what I see in the Bible. Vote the Bible and But I'm very, very thankful of the freedom we have in America Listening. Neil Diamond Song. 1000. Times America. Man. Freedom is a life changing life changing last stop. I mean, so many foreigners come over this country and I love him and I deal with him and I want him but I want him productive. I wanted to pay their taxes. I wanted not to live off the government. I want him to live the freedom that that they have an opportunity to live in this country. And get away from the communism, Socialism country that they left. But they got to be prosperous. They gotta love our country. You know, I don't understand some of these foreigners that come over and still hooting Holler. They love their country more than us. Hey, you gotta love the U. S. With the opportunities you know, with my up agreement and growing and my education and But the opportunities came from this country. And I'm thankful for that. But being Thanksgiving's right, you know, right around the corner. Are you thankful what you have? Are you thankful for your family? Do you love your family members? Hey, we all got issues. You gotta love him no matter what I mean, you know, 99% of addictions are tied to unforgiveness mother, father or spouse. You know, you gotta love your friends. Good, bad and ugly. I mean their friends. You know if they really love you, I mean, what a real friends real friends want you to prosper. Want you to do good. Want to help? You wanna be there for you when you're down or depressed or something? They will lift you up. I've got some friends of mine that I get to talk into it, man. They inspired me. They far me up so much. It's unbelievable, man. I'm telling you, and they give me the reason the love people. They give me the reason to look, you know for the future. You know, too many people are living in the past. And that's what causes the the addictions living in the hurt In the past. I deal with a lot of people. I've been blessed with Cornerstone Church that I've been through every class. They had reconciliation. God, inner healing marriage enrichment course It didn't work for May, but I mean, it taught me a lot, but I mean menopause is from Satan. I'm telling you It really is. And it could cause a woman mind to get twisted. But you know, you just gotta love him anyway. And love everybody and understand what you're going through. And your real friends are going through. You know, I love my employees. I'm thankful for my employees. I'm thinking for my coworkers..

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