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A literally looking carol look what he did at stanford he took the let me tell you something it takes it it takes a very high academic student to get into stanford and they don't give him they don't give them very many extras you don't is not like will you can go and take a guy got 22 on the egtc they don't do that at stanford okay so he's taken he's taken high at the academic kids and then going in there in in beaten pete in those other people in you know over there in the packed tanner pac 12 or pack fourteen whatever it is i'm not sure what to pack is but all alzarih knows there's no question about his coach inability anna's recruit and ability okay he's he's up there at the top and knows category charlie weis great stuff fifteen minutes a great football talk thanks bud oh whose if you football obsession is strained relationships you need 1800flowerscom right now a dozen retterer sorted roses twenty nine bucks you'll get another dozen plus a vase free 1800flowerscom code heard h e r d 2999 it's the heard how much time shopping for two years karcher car try their experience today true car dot com or confident car buying experience find out what other people in your area pave the same car you're looking for true car dot com by the way tonight is cam newton and carson wentz i like the carolina panthers to win by about a touchdown tonight and cover the spread my blazing 503 has already been released greg postel i was talking to greg cosell about an hour and a half ago and i said listen cams had backtoback weeks where and he's always been kind of emotionally his quarterback plays been up and down hot and cold them and he goes through spells raise pouting he's not into it he's more into it he is just roll announ i ask greg cosell last two weeks why why these upsurge for cam newton throwing the ball exceptionally well you go to church arctic open benjamin which you couldn't hand to benjamin any better than he placed it but they're still working on him with a shorter passing game and nuts mccaffrey issue but that he's right now he's playing very well.

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