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They did some things. Well inside the top fifteen havoc which helps some of their epa numbers but the schedules interesting. Because you'd think like hey like evade miami north carolina and not be one of notre dame's five. Acc games in your fine. But it's the out of conference schedule but you kinda just hinted at their the tough start to the season. You're seven and a half point dog out of the gates toll miss right you have. Ucf on the schedule with a much improved coaching staff in an nfl quarterback and then closed the season with another sec team in kentucky clemson's on the schedule and he got tossup games like nc state. Wake forest and efforts you all on the road so again we could get some on her face here right and they just went a slew of one score games in eight or nine but i just i don't see i don't see it for louisville which is surprising because i had a different. I mean. let's not kid ourselves with all of these teams. I mean unless you have a win total going into the year. It's every gamblers. Prerogative in something that we're all need to do. Is fluid especially with college football. Where you don't ever want to overreact to one game sample size but you also don't want to under react because we've seen in college maybe more so than the nfl and professional sports things can snowball and get out of control quickly and if the market doesn't catch up there are times where you see teams that just take on water and if they don't lead to preseason expectations or play up to that or down to it that you can capitalize for three or four weeks if there are some internal issues and issues that continue to fester so louisville be one of those teams that will keep tabs on obviously if they upset ole miss right out of the gates then suddenly we can start to buy back into this program if they lose that game by three touchdowns the writing may be on the wall for head coach in a program. That's not going in the direction. We all anticipated it would rather than get into every other team paint since we've already taken up six and a half hours of relievers time. Hopefully they've broken up. Hey this is what happens in the preseason. Hopefully our listeners have broken this up for all those that have powered through this marathon and listen from start to finish in one. Sitting we applaud. You encourage everybody to go to. Fan duel sportsbook. Use the code. That the border backslash bet the board links are in the bio for this just to click through take advantage of the risk. Three one thousand dollar sign up bonus. It's the best way to build your bankroll before. Football season gets going. Can i go on a little bit of a tangent in. Pay our annual josh. To one of the more underrated coaches in the dave clawson. And what he does more with less and winston salem with the wake forest i think for our listeners. Like we'd been here nine hours if we broke down every team and we just felt like notre dame being in the acc last year and having five acc games on schedule. That was going to be a little bit more beneficial than breaking down syracuse for twelve minutes. And so i mean when. I look at the rest of the. Acc wake forest you have duke syracuse virginia tech. Virginia rather georgia tech. And you know we know. Jeff collins making huge strides. There georgia tech. But what other team do you kind of see relative to market that. that intrigues. you a little bit. i mean. I think georgia tech is interesting. Just because of the talent we've seen flashes up from jeff sims. They'll obviously have to cut down on turnovers. And i think the honeymoon is kind of over for calling so this has to be the year that they make the step forward and i think realistically folks in atlanta Should have is on trying to get to one of the third tier ballgames. Getting a six wins for them to believe that. Hey look we've already rid ourselves of the system. That was the option offense. Apol- johnson collinses broad and athletes. Can we get there. And they do have some playmakers there virginia. In my opinion bronco mendenhall does more with less. I mean it's a team that you know you have to bring your lunch pail to every game. I'm not a huge fan of brennan armstrong but a lot will be put on his plate. And i think defensively virginia has a ton of holes to try and fill. They'll be a team though late in the year. Maybe early on in the season catching a lot of points. That will find a way to slide in. There is a big underdog but wake forest team for me. Pain especially with a quarterback. Look sam hartman's knocking going to be day one. Nfl star you may not even make an nfl roster but he's a guy for a team in that second tier that i think gives them a punchers chance week in week out and we look at wake forest win toll at six and a half you do have to a dollar sixty to go over the biggest issue. That wake is run into and why. I'm reluctant to ever make a case for or against them win. Total wise is depth. It's one of the smallest enrollments for any division. One college football program right along the same lines of the likes of rice. We know that there are some academic standards that aren't quite consistent with some of the other programs out there and when you look at what clawson is done since he's taken over. This team is twenty five. Thirteen in games played in september and october. The problem they run into and you get to november. The schedule gets a little tougher. You get a little bit beat up and they're just six and twelve there. They didn't outstanding job last year. Protecting the football during and over on less than six percent of their offensive series. When you look at sam hartman is the consummate distributor. I think this is an offense. It's going to be fun to watch. Defensively you lose. Nfl caliber talent which is rare for them. Carlos basham and schedule wise. I mean if things were to go the right way. Wake forest opens up with home. Games against old dominion norfolk state and florida state. Let's call the florida state game. What it is a coin. Flip if they're able to win that and maybe go on the road and steal a game in charlottesville. Suddenly you could be talking about wake forest in a best case. Scenario being six with wins against louisville at home at syracuse. Going into a bye week before they go to army at the end of october. This is a team that i wanna take a wait and see approach to but i think they're flying a bit under the radar. I was hoping that i could get a cheap six. And a half minus dollar sixty probably indicative of where they should be given. the finishing. Stretch of a awake will be a team that i think you can bet on early. And some of these coin flip games because they're so well coached and you may have some value going against them later in the year when they step up and you.

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