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Now here at KRLD we're almost to the weekend Hallelujah For money matters dot net let's get the weekend forecast here's chief meteorologist Dan Bruneau and you're gonna like. This forecast to or still gonna have the heat and humidity around for the next few days but so we're going to be flirting with some storms crossing the Red River valley for the next few. Mornings already starting to see that on Tennessee weather, radar tracking a little small. Area of thunderstorms now, working its way into parts of North Texas north, west of Fort, Worth and Denton right now rainy pretty, heavily just to the west of Gainesville Saint. Joe monster getting some very heavy rain towards sunset moving south at about fifteen miles per hour we'll be working its way into pretty much all of wise. County, here over the, next hour for western areas of Denton county may see some light rain, again nothing severe expected but if you're heading west of Denton on three eighty towards the. Cater you might be able to. Get away from it if you're heading towards Jack's here shortly but the storm complex is small it may hold. Together as far south as. The, wise and Tarrant county area. Here, by ten o'clock this morning otherwise the storms. Will Dissipate before noon temperatures in the. Upper nineties today few morning storms around again northern counties tomorrow and on Sunday morning and then again maybe Saturday evening as well pretty tricky forecast as far. As, the storms moving, into nor taxes but better chances late Sunday into Monday as a cold, front arrives dropping temperatures only into the low nineties Monday through Thursday of next week in. Some areas might even see some. Sixties for lows early next week especially north of town right now we're still holding it eighty one in Burlington..

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