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You're gonna hear all we. On your very hot host, literally air fun. Watch joining me today. Sunday, you'll be buried in an all white Johnny. I've designed custom casket with. For the founder, please into them in the founder cult amac Leander caney. Also with us, he's COPA. Max, managing editor. Any also manages to be a heck of a nice guy. It was walls is here. Thank you boss ter- was here moments ago, but we lost him because he is in one hundred ten degrees in Reno, Nevada. And he's in his van in a restaurant parking lot connected to their wifi. And I, she, you nuts. His macbook pro was having problems cooling off. So he couldn't do the show because he's in one hundred and ten degree in in the in the parking lot of a restaurant. I don't think that's in with within the operation parameters of the MAC book pro, and I'm quite literally hot as well. I mean, very attractive. Have you ever seen my profile picture online? You know that, but it's, let's see, looking at the thermostat, it's eighty six point five degrees in the command studio here. I'm sweating up a storm. I've already gone through one shirt, and I've got like that that Vigo in on that sweat v going on Lewis. I don't know why you would know what that is. But you know, when you work out and you get that vegan. Oh, I got that right now, and I'm not even moving. I'm just sitting in my chair. That's really nice. Uses. I'm literally marinating Jesus. It's been so gosh, darn hot in Seattle. Usually hot. I was talking to someone about this the other day and I was saying hot, it is and they're like, oh, it's always hot in the summer and I'm like, no, we get up to maybe eighty. It's kinda like San Francisco, probably is it gets warm. We might get seventy eight eighty maybe eighty five on a real scorcher, but ninety degrees is unusual for this area and we've been getting nine ninety ninety degree days over and over and over again for the last three weeks. I love it. But when you're sitting in a small studio with a bunch of equipment that's pumping out hot air, it's it gets hard to manage. So speaking, it's because I've passed out from heat stroke. You guys probably one give them dress, bring it IV because I've been doing this all day, but the show must go on and what show we have for you all this week. So I just want to point out this might get slightly political. We're really. Going to try to keep this show apolitical. We pride ourselves on not bringing politics into the show, and I think that we often succeed, but we are gonna talk about a topic that could lead into the fringes of political discussion, and we're really going to try not to do that. And this is of course the story having to do with apple. However, you want to describe it censoring pulling removing the Alex Jones slash info wars podcast, and I have a feeling it's going to be a lively discussion. So we are going to talk about that and it's not from the point of do you like Alex Jones should have kept Alex Jones? I think it's more at least for my opinion, it's from the perspective of apple is entering the realm of censorship. They are signing to censor podcast, which is not something I knew that they even did, and it's not something I have seen them before now. Maybe they've done it quietly before and it didn't make mainstream news. But of course this week it did. So we talking about that and we'll also talk about the possibility of the iphone having the lightning port removed. If you live in Europe, this might be something that's happening, and we'll tell you why here in just a moment. It's an odd story. We're also going to talk a little bit about. The announcements made at Samsung's unpacked event because there are some interesting devices that were announced. Some of them were inspired by apple. You might say, heavily inspired by. You might say. So we'll talk about those. We're going to wrap up with an all new watt we're into. I also want to point out one other quick thing. I have cut back on coffee this week Leander..

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