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America will celebrate her two hundred forty fifth anniversary now for many of us the fireworks and backyard. Barbecues will be especially sweet or spicy perhaps however you like it. It is a free country but especially so because maybe covert wiped your plans out last year so to mark this special occasion we have to musical selections to share the first is ragged old flag by johnny cash. Cash wrote the piece in nineteen seventy four at the height of the watergate scandal. He later said he wanted to reaffirm faith in the country and the goodness of the american people despite the painful political turmoil. The second song is a rendition of god. Bless america by the dallas based acapella. Group king's return happy independence day. I walked through a county courthouse square department engine. Oh man sitting there. I said you'll courthouses kinda run down. He said now it will do for our little town. I said you'll flagpole is leaning a little bit that's a ragged old flag. He got hanging on. He said have a c. And i said out is. This is the first time you've been to our little town. I said i think it is. He said. I don't like to brag for. We're kind of crowd that ragged old clay. You see we got a little hole in that flag there. When washington took it across the delaware and then got powder burns the night the francis scott he said washington right and say can you see and it got a bad rip in new orleans. Packing ham jackson tug at it seems almost fell at the alamo beside the texas flag. She waved on though she got cut with a sword and a chance lewisville and she got could again a shiloh hill. There was robert. E lee beauregard and brag and the south wind blew hard on that ragged flay on flanders field in world war one. She got a big hole from birth ago. She turned blood red and world war two. She hung limb and low a timer to she was in korea vietnam. She went where she was saying by uncle. Sam she waves from our ships upon the brian foam and now they've about with way back here in her own. Good land here. She's done abused he's been involved. Dishonor denied refused and the government for which she stand is scandalized throughout the land. And she's getting threadbare and she's wearing thin but she's in good shape sheep choosing co she's been through the five of old and i believe she can take off so we raise her up every morning. We take down every night. We don't let her touch the ground and we folder up. Run on second thought. I do like to brag. Hosein mighty proud of that raggio. Well it's time once again to say thank you and recognize outstanding team and we do that in alphabetical order. Joel bells anna joe. Hansen brown can't covington kristen. Flan call guerrino. Katie gawltney o'neill's ao. He kerry mary. Reichert josh schumacher sarraj. Weinsberg and cal. Thomas johnny franklin. And carl pete's our audio engineers lee jones is managing editor. Paul butler is. Now that's gotta be a little bit awkward right. I'll recognized that guy. Paul butler is executive producer. Yet that's much less awkward. Thanks nick and marvin. Alaska is our editor in chief. And you thank you so much for your part in helping us exceed our june giving dr goal such an encouragement to the entire team. And now it's our job not to let you down. Thanks again so much. The psalmist says in psalm. One forty five greatest the lord and greatly to be praised. His greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise his works to another in saudi claire. His mighty acts have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the freedom to worship with your brothers and sisters in.

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