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Present series as well in cenis amazing me she's been really helpful to me like of astor for blurb zwei books and she gives them to me like you know don't howard said his baron a wide me you know she so cool and like i'm you know i general flecked in front of the goddess amine you were you nervous when he does when the most i nerveracking should ever did was it was when i photographed her because she was so easy going to but she's kind of reserved and she's a little mysterious a now way like night in any way like mieno or difficult just you know like just normal and right leg but you know not a few serve so i was us like she's probably thinks i'm touch and eighty inner ear whatever i'm thinking you know and the bought the shares was at her choice fear toys silo i wrote that along the book okay narrowed they is i don't think i picture to her very good like i wish i could shoot again to get a better one that i've set of what i was getting on is that you know about the rubber franklin oh boy so i met frank through my professor dave heath them and lead him in francoera we're good friends so dave died about a year ago so human off rancour very good friends frank him unspoken toronto saiga introduced him at kind of invite to like cover drinks out the local bob with maybe like a half dozen of you know friends of of of heath's and some say next a franc and you know you at some point you know iif you ever nitz says what they do or whatever i selma port photographer and he starts mocking me as i go you can have me be in the snow or makes no angels are you know kind of literally making fun of what i do and what kind of pictures i make hasn't seen any my word it doesn't matter though and i look at him i'm like you can't talk to me that way not i'm not saying that they can as and argue with mike even see my pictures what are you what are you commenting on also is a picture of you with your by richard avedon.

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