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A whole host of catalysts from political risks to missiles in the middle east the stock six hundred resting at its highest level since february the seems to be no respect for investors this week tension between israel and iran mounting just days after us president trump royal to the international community with his decision to ditch a nuclear record with the islamic republic meanwhile the stage is set for a populist government to form an italy we got italian stocks an italian bombs falling today and traders rapidly coming to terms with the political upset malaysia's election many will not be looking to american inflation data later as a welcome diversion for before that we have latest bank of england rate decision investors looking to trade sterling after the decision may just need to answer one simple question are all the policymakers singing from the same hinchey money markets have betting officials will keep rates on hold today it'll be interesting to see what the split is according to i n g boobs currency strategist barrage patel he says sterling is clinging onto a hawkish p e it's base cases for two of the nine nbc members to dissent i call for higher borrowing costs decision at noon in london and for the central bank to downplay soft firstquarter growth and signal that a rate increase later this year is still in the cards on the card sterling is down today to one thirty five forty against the dollar that's a bloomberg business flash as markus karlsson with more what's going on around the world mark the us national transportation safety board will investigate the fatal crash of a tesla model s the burst into flames after colliding with a concrete wall on tuesday the agency does not anticipate testers autopilot technologies will be part of the probe investigators will primarily focus on how firefighters and others responded to the car battery fire caused by the crash in which t people were killed donald trump's lawyer rudy giuliani says that the president was unaware of payments with his personal lawyer received from several large companies michael cohen was paid by at and t novartis and affirm linked to russian oligarch viktor rexel bug at and t and novartis said it hired cohen for insights into the trump administration meanwhile russia is a genus summit between donald trump vladimir putin following the us decision to leave the.

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