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State championship savings. For the win. Oregon gets the win over Ohio State 35 to 28 spreading it forward here a little bit guys. You have. Let's go to the Ohio State. Part of this last week, they gave up a buck 63 on the ground of Moai Abraham. He probably should have had more than 200. But he was injured in the third. They give up 1 61 to C. J. Verdell today. I know we can say yes. Ohio State wins out They're going to make the playoffs. But it's easy to say that in week two There are issues here with Ohio State, especially defensively, where it doesn't matter if there's one ranked team or no ranked teams remaining on their schedule, Trevor, how concerned are you about Ohio State moving forward in their chances to To win out. I'm very concerned about it. Remember a couple years ago, they missed out on the playoffs because they lost one game they got shelled at Purdue in the committee thought that that was enough to keep them out of the top four, and that's happened to them A couple of times They lost Iowa one time to do that, right? The and so this gives the committee an opportunity. Even if they do win out to slide somebody else in there. This is a game they lost at home. To an Oregon team that was missing. Five defensive starters, including the best football player in all of college football came on Thibodeau and they still lost this game, and they lost it because they didn't look like they knew where to stand. There was so many missed assignments in this game, so it's one thing just to get beat by a team. It's another to be so disjointed when it comes to your alignment and assignment. And your execution, So the committee has an opportunity now to look at a team like Georgia. Yeah, Georgia continues to win out, loses a tight window Bamba or if Obama wins out or a and M wins out and loses a tight one to Georgia. Assuming that Georgia gets to the SEC championship game, the committee will then Be in a position to have to choose. Let's just say it's Georgia. Hypothetically, Uh, one loss non champion Georgia who's got to win over Clemson. Or the Ohio State team who lost to Oregon when half their starting defense was out at home. And so this is where Ohio State has opened the door to the to the decisions of people sitting in American dish in room eating shrimp in two sons trying to figure out how to separate them. This was this was a bad look for the Buckeyes when the committee has to go to make their final decisions, and for me, Trevor and Mayor. It's the simple fact that when I watched this Ohio State team last week defensively They got out physical by Minnesota. Right, then you come in and wig too, okay? I think maybe the tougher team against Oregon, um from the Pac 12 and the Pac 12 was formerly known as being more finesse, right? Um, but no, they weren't. They got punched in the mouth. Time and time again today and like U C l A Did l s u yeah, Just checking. But they but I'm telling you, like the Pac 12 now is showing people that Hey, We're not this Vanessa lead that we used to be where coming in, and we're about to punch people in the mouth and we're going to gain this respect from not just the opponents that we're playing. But from everyone who has anything to do with college football, so right now, I think the Pac 12 is here to stay and Ohio State. They have to get these things fixed last last week, it was the it was the linebackers in the secondary guys today. It was everybody on the defensive unit, right? Got outmuscled got out physical 472 rushing yards They've given up over the first two weeks and by the way for Ohio State Is the first time in program history they've given up at least 30 points in their first two games of the season. They have now given up 30 or more in three straight going back to last year. Obviously the national championship Trevor so what's the problem with your How state defense they need. They need to send Kerry comes back to the NFL. Well, I'll tell you what, it's it's not effort. And it really isn't talent. I mean last week, both of their starting corners route against Minnesota, and so they had to put some young guys in there to play. They still have injury issues and guys that are banged up in the secondary. That's a problem. Uh, a bigger problem might be that they have three brand new starting linebackers, those guys as a group of faster than last year's Buckeye starting linebacker corps. But They're not in the right spot. Now it's hard to be in the right spot against Minnesota because they have so many strange formations and pre snap things that they do They create gaps where there wasn't a gap before and which gap do I have? And do I have one capper to gaps, and that's tough in the first game. In this game, though it continued the siege a bridal spectacular stats. Have as its highlight a 77 yard touchdown run right up the middle right up the middle. And the question is, was that just well blocked or was no buddy there? Who was supposed to be there. There was a touchdown pass to a tight end that Oregon through where he was playing action. The tight end was on the left. He ran right up the middle, and the safety ran into him and then avoided him to come back up for the fake run closer to the line, while the tight end went all by himself for a touchdown pass. So these assignments are what are really hurting Ohio State They can flip the switch quickly, but let's see him do it in that first one. You were just talking about CJ Verdell when he took it about 70 yards, is that I've seen a linebacker being hesitant and allowed the offensive lineman to climb to the second level of cover him up right in this game. You can't blink your eyes. You blink your eye, That guy's gone touchdown, and that's actually what happened. Other scores around the nation number 13, Florida They just finished off. US. South Florida 42 to 20. Virginia Tech number 19 in all the land leads Middle Tennessee 22 7. That's in the third Penn State number 11 in the country, 14 to 3 lead over Ball state. Colorado leads Texas A and M the fifth ranked Aggies seven to nothing. We've seen one upset already. Might we see another College GameDay.

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