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Today and a late pick for guaranteed pool of a hundred thousand dollars we'll also have the professor drop in from Las Vegas with his football pick and he'll take a look at the card today for closing day at Los Alamos but to start today show our first guest had a very big week we have screen a steak waste the gold rush last weekend Golden Gate fields and also is named trainer of the year for California trainers let's hear that call of better trip neck they catch better trip neck who comes off but turned with a two likely sacred rider in the second position trying to hold on to that spot chambers is losing third Indian peak with a for a long to go it's better Tripp NYC is a two white question here and a sixteen to go sacred rider in the second position music icon coming white but it's too late and it's gonna be better trip yeah who successfully routes in the gold rush steaks and he gets the gold price defeating sacred rider third with music icon Indian peak was fourth now I let's welcome the trainer better trade neck and that is a trainer of the year or for two thousand and nineteen bill deal yeah good morning bill yes I know I'm Sam I'm doing fine so you're on your way to the racetrack to train your horses today and you have a two or three and today yes I do yes I do so you had a big year and in two thousand nineteen and you've been visiting the winner's circle frequently this past year yeah it's been very nice very nice we're having a good year good knee or surround awhile tell us about better trick neck now prior to this a race of a go on a long you'd want to spritz what made you decide to jump and you'd won the golden nugget recently and then you jumped in the gold rush well you know he he won the gold and I get wanting one that you know really use data conditions and I talked it over with my clients and as they were a guy got a little for it I wasn't quite but I did you know he's a nice little or she's our dryer got a lot of speed and you know we had the tribes in or later so he worked really well and we decided to take a shot when we go in he did not disappoint us now he is a front runner and you would told me that you what you were going to be tough to catch and you lead throughout the race went wire to wire and ended up winning and and and actually ended up winning by a length and a quarter and eight he opened up there around two and a half lengths image stretch so what were your thoughts as you were watching the race well you know I tell you said a reasonable pace so I wasn't too worried the way he was running it looked like he was going to get the justice and and when you turn for a home you know camelina just tag changes a little bit Norse opened up and he never really setting down until you got past the eight ball and hours just kept going and he had something left at the end so is a doozy asks the winner's circle of big crowd is always pop there when you win a race you always seem to have a quite a few of people in the the winner circle the join yeah and I guess you your owners were really happy yes they were very happy and yes we do have big winner circle pictures yes people like to get in the picture and as low as I'm friends with them and stuff like that I don't mind it you know so we like to have everybody happy what do you do next with better trip the next well I think I'll just go to take it easy with them for a little while you know I'm not going to take you now the training is already been back to the track in the looks good and everything I just haven't made any decisions on what exactly where we're gonna run but we'll talk it over with my partners and you know we're in no hurry you know easy on or she's around five times four wins and a second so he's done very well and we're not going to we're not going to push you real hard to for the next race we'll just see how it goes something that I'm that within the next thirty forty five days will look at it see you mention Catalina Martinez he seems to fit better to it Nick well is one three in a row he has Catalino Phipps the horse very well he knows him very well he works them all the time and he he fits the horse well so you how many horses you have in your stable right now all right now I had fifty but I don't have fifty anymore I lost a couple or scissor got blown guy the injured a little bit so weird term out for awhile and stuff so I got forty five right now so a year you you enjoy having that many horses yes I have great people behind me all my help is very good they've been with me for a long long time and so you know forty five fifty that's a lot and probably dance about our limit I mean I could go bigger but I don't think I want to do that I think I'm fine just where I'm at okay so when you head to the track today you arrive what's the first thing you do well the first thing I do is I I try to line up my jockeys are gonna work some of the horses I I I really have a big morning this morning I have seventeen workers today because you know we're going to be for for about nine or ten days till the day after Christmas so I got to get all my workers in today so we're going to be a little hectic today but we're gonna get through it all right and you said you have three and today and as you look back on nineteen on two thousand nineteen what were some of the highlights that you were proud of well you know I had I had a lot of fun this year winning a lot of races and all my horses ran pretty well probably the most popular one is better trip in their kidneys he's developed into a nice little arson and we have some others that could be you know on the same path as him hopefully and you know it's just years hope you have a good year you know and it just so happens that I've got a lot of nice sources and they've been waiting and there and that's the key how did you get better trip next well we went out to Randy lateness place running horse farm and we were looking at yearly is me read a and Gary land and we're we watch name and the field it was a year later neighbors out run and everybody so we we wanted him and then we we picked a couple others and we need to deal with Randy late non minds resources and so we bottom and better chip Nick was one of our many has turned out to be very nice I haven't run the other two yet but we will be run and so okay so today's closing day and then year everybody gets a little short vacation and you're back at it the day after Christmas and entering coming up this week Friday Saturday and Sunday for that opening weekend congradulations once again on better tip neck and we'll see you at the races thank you very much okay bill de yeah the trainer of better track connect who won the gold rush last Saturday going wire to wire we'll take our first break it remind you forty Niners home today at Levi for a one twenty five kickoff pre game starts at nine o'clock right here on KNBR have you ever seen one of these numbers like the Aurora borealis what is it it's a black 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