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Expect your hood part the Ted Williams tunnel westbound backed up inside my king WBZ's traffic on the three. gorgeous afternoon as a lot of his return to work tonight partly cloudy lo sixty tomorrow partly sunny thunderstorms that can produce some damaging winds high eighty five. Thursday highs seventy one Friday a little bit of a lashing from Dorian as it passes by well off our coastline but we're still gonna feeling. and right now just feeling like fall out there well. no complaints seventy three degrees low humidity snow storms just a few cumulus clouds out there otherwise those guys. this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop. good afternoon to you I'm Laurie Kirby here the five things you need to know at three fifteen a search is underway right now for missing fourteen year old Winthrop girl and police want your help then Parker with a lot more on that coming up at the bottom of the hour also the latest on hurricane Dorian and again how will it impact the New England coast line will find out from first messy over it meanwhile. Barbara welcoming a seventeen year old who was detained by ice first day of classes over there. and a much lighter mood this hour in the sunshine state it seems that Florida is no longer in the direct path of hurricane Doria the news in Florida and Georgia are now out of the cone of uncertainty and likely will not get a direct hit from a hurricane Dorian is being met with smiles here in Melbourne we're just about everything is closed and boarded up for a major hurricane hit Gavin lives on Cape Canaveral long feeling pretty fun I'm not too worried Florida is out of the tracks that's feeling pretty good about that I guess this area will still likely get tropical storm force winds but unlikely there will be any hurricane force winds Alex stone ABC news Melbourne Florida people in coastal North Carolina are scrambling head of Dorians expected impact there Thursday morning willing to North Carolina mayor bill Sappho is urging those in low lying areas to head to higher ground this storm hopefully will stay off shore might have become the sure we have to be prepared and for those of us that have been here for many many years you just don't know what a hurricane is going to do the most important thing is there are unpredictable the port city bracing for a storm surge of up to three to four feet and up to ten inches of rain the Coast Guard called off the search for survivors of that deadly boat explosion off the southern California coastline over the weekend the bodies of twenty people have been recovered they were on a scuba diving.

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