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You did that himself right hey hey friday marcellus is here for a time being and so as travis rodgers right you too high time now everything's for now are you so apparently marcellus last night the clippers tried to trade before the draft the twelfth pick the thirteenth pick and tobias harris for coli the spurs said no thank you do you jump in on this to you don't wanna you guys think i'm convinced who is not moving before the the free agency period ends on july fifteenth i'm just guessing you what are you guessing mason things he might there was a moment of my life growing up i remember i walked into this garage it was a random garage in our neighborhood and we lucked up and found gucci bags louis vuitton bags my sister nine i mean we're like nine years old and we got gucci louis in this random garage somebody just left him there yeah just left him there love life right then my wife and then i realized that there are some things that are even more expensive than gucci louis louis and i don't know the names of them but she bought a couple and i couldn't believe the cost the cost of kuwa leonard is more than two bias in a twelve and thirteen s it is what the hell is pop thinking well they're not gonna take that they're not gonna move him before the free agencies and they're not taking the lakers two players just ask they're not taking the two young if you are the clippers why do you make that tree one bottling that he wants to be a lake let's be real they don't have box office last year going into the season you lost chris paul blake griffin for half the season the game still sell out yeah they still do love their chris positive we should do what these that's one and two he's a tremendous two way player jerry west ow we need a cherry on top we have a lot of pieces a lot of depth but they don't have the clippers you do it because you don't have anybody else that's gonna pull people in exactly power checks duck chuck echo aside judge the douglas side they need somebody to get married he's he's going to do it more than hair dyes nobody knows all right so even here marcellus broussard was where i saw restarted it was colin show this morning he was talking about how all blends together doesn't it i've seen so many shows listen to podcasts networks i even know together here things any more so but reserve seeing that chris paul is not happy with the rockets because he thinks there was a nod nod wink wink or steel did you're going to take care of me next year when i become a free agent and now the rockets are like four years max for thirty three year old and giving a thirty three year old one hundred seventy five million who comes off worse in that chris fall for believing it or the rockets for hinting at it or neither chris paul for believing done dot sign it and even then.

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