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I think we've talked about it before stands for load to arrival. So if you watch any anybody threw the ball, it could be you and your wife Thanksgiving afternoon or could be on an NFL game right now. When you put your back foot in the ground beside two talked the ball really load your body to say, All right, I'm gonna get it out. Vitus stopwatch when that happened, and then hit one with the ball arrived at the target. If I put 10 quarterbacks up and there were 15 yard throws, we'd get a variance of times. And when I watch that Wilson deal from freshman year to now, his lt A. It's phenomenal. I mean, his ability to make a decision and boom. Get it out in terms of, you know, take a golfer in terms of his hips. No. When can they move and trigger the ball to come out, and that's really where it all begins. It's special. In my opinion, they really is nice. I like it. I think the guy that I could totally see play in the NFL. You know, it's an easy conscience the way that he deals probably to like somebody like Mahomes. If you just look at him as a passer to certain degree, he's not nearly that type of athlete. But he's got that. You know the catch phrase that a rodeo uses his twitching this It is a pastor it but that Z really impressed. You know, Derek Derek Carr had that coming out of college. Anything That's a nice comparison to probably both of these guys. You're certain degree. Called Trask is a little more heavy footed, then Zach, and that's not a knock because act you know he's fleet of foot in that regard. It means light on his feet almost like a boxer or as Kyle. He's you know, different body type. Man. I really like this group of quarterbacks that are coming out of potentially coming out on the NFL and for the highs, right? It's gonna be fun because the reality is, I think for a lot of ice and voters is Would hyper focused on the area you've had to cover or you've been a little bit across the map because of the staggered starts, so it's going to come down to think this year more than ever these last couple games because to be honest, I You know, everyone even off the heist was gonna happen until coming weeks ago. And I don't think it's been on any Heisman voters mind because so money other things are so it'll probably be a case this year of what have you done for me lately? I wanted to do in a big game. So SEC championship game right injustice feels get a couple more games prior gonna hamper him in the Heisman, even though I think he's been Heisman were the other a couple turnovers in the Indiana game, but I don't know if I'll have enough data points. For the Heisman for me what I would love this year more than any as a voter is I'd love we didn't vote until the final game like which is vote January, 12. Why not? Who cares? That's the way because nobody's gonna play the same amount of game. So I think the more games the better to have an accurate vote. That's the way it always should be. Yeah. Not only that you have been going quotas. Well, you and I agree on that, Yogi. Unfortunate Grandad time. I'm definitely gonna ask you back on again. You gave us great insight. Tonight. I will ask you to do so again at a later date. Thanks, buddy. Glad to hear you have a good Thanksgiving with the family..

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