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And limitations, visit batteries, plus dot com traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the Bonnie leading the Way Home Traffic Center. I'm Dana Hess News 93.1 kfbk. Thanks, Dana. Now you're kfbk forecast Partly cloudy skies expected for tonight We'll see a nighttime low of 58 to 62 mostly sunny tomorrow Friday and Saturday tomorrow will see a high of 87 to 91 Friday Expect a high of 89 to 93 high Saturday 91 to 95. Mackey Weather's Drew Shannon News 93.1 KFBK, We've got 91 in Sacramento right now warmer and Roseville 97 97, also in Rockland. So it's 4 11 at KPK, and our poll question today is about recycling. And it's because we do have a story for you today about recycling and a commission that the Legislature asked to have created to find some problems because we have Uh, quite a bit of trouble with our state's recycling program, to be honest, and so the you know the theory. It was increased by $10 here in Sacramento County, and there are a lot of issues the recycling just isn't being done properly. It's it's contaminated so much so that China kind of wanted to quit accepting. Recyclables from the United States because they were they weren't suitable for reuse. And I spoke with the Heidi Sanborn, who was on this commission that I told you about which you'll be hearing about in an upcoming report. And she said, people just don't get it. Even Industries done studies that say only 4% of people are not confused. Recycling. Oh, 4% are not confused, which means the remaining 96% of people are confused about how to recycle. Yes. Wow. I mean, it's crazy. It's actually more confusing to them, then. Doing their taxes. So we thought we'd ask you. Do you know what you're doing when you recycle? Do you know where everything is supposed to go? Do you know what is not supposed to go in a recycling Ben? You might be surprised, but just curious what you think your understanding is and you can weigh in. It's our Twitter poll today, and you can also pound 2 50 on your smartphone and say, open mic and let us know your thoughts as well. So we'll get back to that and ahead on the afternoon news. We'll check your top trending stories. We will go in depth on Bill Cosby's released from prison. We have some legal analysis on this, which I think is very interesting. It's a perspective. I haven't heard anywhere else online on the Internet, and it's from our KPK legal analyst Bill Portanova. So You want to stick around for that Stay connected with news. 93.1 kpk on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us on Instagram, A KFBK SACRAMENTO. It's shaping up to be a really busy fire season again. California wildfire coverage you can depend on a word of warning crews are probably wildfire, forcing evacuate for the very latest stay connected with Sacramento's news. 93.1 King FBK. Bodega Bodega Bodega Alfa and Omega Siamese sailors Sell celery sandwiches A wing about are servin platter, Jamie. Yes. Did Did you want to try reading that line on the script there? Oh, yeah. Let's see. Uh, you could say big when you bundle your home and auto with progressive. That one. Yeah. No, I'm just not warmed up yet. Shouldn't be long now a detector test. Bundle your home and auto with progressive today.

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