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From jail by sunny and hot again with highs from the seventies to low one hundreds this report is brought to you by the Crohn's and colitis foundation or watching your drive on the twenty two they're working in the city of orange on the twenty two eastbound before mainstreet says crash with several vehicles blocking the carpool and the left lane so you're loading up right at Fairview KFI in the sky is sponsored by injury attorneys super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bob review the one ten the staff if you're just joining us now there's been going on since early morning and it's a big deal about one ten harbor freeway say in between the one oh five and ninety one almost in the middle all traffic must exit at Rosecrans that's six wide use of traffic including the express lanes it is just a parking lot from before the one oh five tell you what they know I help if I know it's always a manpower problem but at the the light at the end of the Rosecrans offramp and rose grants we get some traffic control there that would kinda exit people little quicker but you want to use any surface street you can it's close all the way down to the ninety one you can't enter or re enter the southbound one ten until you get to our teacher Boulevard so a long long time delays here not bad still a pretty good shape now up into downtown Los Angeles major international visitor performance support account Jeff Bock KFI this guy is funded by I accident lawyer dot com KFI this guy helps get you there faster a robin banks I accident lawyer actual client posted on my motorcycle truck resulting in serious leg injury my first lawyer downplayed it then I called I accident lawyer dot com they got me eight million dollars on my first one with cash in a savings for the rest of my life thank you I accident lawyer dot com attorney Robert Tony sold they are not a guarantee after the events of the past three months we all need a vacation vacation the brings the family together and makes a lifetime of memories without all the hassles.

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