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What's four plus four like? He's checking him. He's A. He's a eighteen medic and He was fucked up. He hadn't eaten anything yet. Drinking Water Brain wasn't working right, and so that's just one example of how fucked up. You can get from. You gotta be careful like you can do damage to. How long did that take? I did about a mile an hour. Coming out well so sevenish about yeah, it was bad. Buck, but giving you know that's so long. When I was with a pinch, he's the sniper guy. He shot his goat at. He was one of wanted to shoot it at forty, and then with a bow or thousand out with a gun. I can't remember exact yards, but it was over a thousand yards, so he shoots this thing across this glacier. It took a six hours to go eleven or fourteen hundred yards, straight line distance to a point where I'm like. We're GONNA fucking guy getting down this thing like at one point time I slid down of course I'm addict. My knees slam into my face and I'm like we're all good. Come on down going to be one pain. Right here comes everybody else sliding down and. pinches like. We're going to get out of this. I'm like well. Don't have a fucking choice. Now. We slid down it. We gotta get back up right, and so we didn't get back till two o'clock in the morning still four miles then so when people. You know like the idea of backpacking hunting. That's what they're liking is the idea of him. Glamorize the shit out of it. Again and painful. He's not normal human. You can't go by his standards his ideas. They say that sheep ponting's hardest. They say that like. Like Alaska sheep hunting in terms of like just the difficulty of the terrain, and the the dangers of it. Yeah I that. Somewhat yeah, I would say the one I've only been on a couple. Sheep Alaska Right. Most of mine have been in lower, forty, eight or the N. W. t. the Northwest Territories. The thing with Alaska that's easy is you're not getting that much altitude? Distance is far you're not, but the weather is bad like generally the weather's pretty bad, and then the the amount of pressure now and again I'm not an expert on Alaska. The pressure is much worse than it's ever been. In Alaska. In terms of the amount of hundreds, hunters yeah, a lot of hunters out there and then animals. Risley's and Shit Yeah, which is a fucking Ria. We've seen US get charged on video. Yes, when you're at the Gritty Bowman, that was terrifying. Yeah crazy I tell. In Junkie I'll tell the true story. Okay, because it's not. I thought I. WE'RE CALLING HIM Moose and I'm like look in and I'm like I think there's a moose coming in a grisly POPs out. A my que! Get your camera. Let's call this thing in is the true story. 'cause we made it sound like it was. Oh here comes grizzly so I thought it was gonna get to that fucking stump. Stop Right. You called the Grizzly in coming into a moose. Call Right, so ohno I'm like. Hey, you have the cameras. Let's get this on video because he was looking for Moose calls, so this big pitch gets you that log and she stands up. She's looking around and I'm like Oh. Cool, you can hear my shudder on the video. Fuck it hit the ground, and it was coming and I'm like. Oh, well, and immediately me I've been charged enough to where I'm GonNa Adrenalin Junky anyway I'm desensitized and I'm like well. He's GonNa. Eat fucking this other dude. Anyway, so I'm like you can see. My camera's shifting right a little as I'm taking these photos. But weapon at a bow, and so here pretty quick I'm thinking shoot this motherfucker. It's like fifteen yards from us. Oh my God! He fired off around its feet, and I knew his gun jammed on the second round. Sometimes so I'm like. fucking shit able to listen jam on the second one or whatever it was right nothing browning's bad. What stopped your member? And it came again I like twelve ten yards when it finally turned off and on my way, but ten yards is nothing. Why tell you like That's almost like that wall. Yeah, it was big big one, but. Yeah it wasn't. In in reality, though you talk to like bring Lancaster's or who I went with when I stayed in the WT for that two months timeframe. Those guys live up there I. Bet if you ask a bar or a clay Lancaster. How many times they've been blessed, charge bluff charge. It's like triple digits. Just hunting with those guys, the Shit that they've done a triple digits many hundred times at a minimum, and that's God so like the like the shit. Those guys deal with. They've been doing it since birthright, and so I was telling them like like amy and frank I was like okay. You guys know how much I've done and all the different hunted. How many animals are put on the ground? It's a fraction Klay. Lancaster's on three hundred twenty, she puns. Three hundred twenty. That's that's not including Caribou Moose. He's been all over the world so. The amount of experience those guys have in the stories like when I get those guys on the podcast. It's hilarious because I you know I just got to experience the two and a half months section of it. We were literally from from a light bulb from a paved road. Hours from any electricity like it's a twelve hour. Drive toward the helicopter picks you up, and then you're flown in another two hours so when I got bit by that bite, it was funny that spider. It was funny at. fucking goodbye spider up there. And Hey Klay. Lakes fucked depending a bit by something. He's like there's another poisonous up here well, my. fucking died my. Lake swelled up. We're drawn circles around it. Well, the first couple circles right wasn't that big of a deal, so klay cuts it open. Listened to the podcast Larry's because he squeezed that thing and acted like it didn't hurt I. was going to pass out from fucking chalk so? Squeeze the pass out, yeah! I don't know that helped, but it gave him pleasure spider. Man You got to listen to by podcast here the whole story, but we ended up calling the long cock, Black Hobo Spider, and there's story by side that but I think it was a Hobo Spider. Those dangerous. Yeah, but I don't think they're overly poisonous. I think I was allergic to it, but the moral of the story in six hours my leg locked up straight there was veins going up towards my heart, and I had cold sweats. Heart rate was racing. Includes like dude. We gotta get you out of your. GonNa fucking. Die Like we are a long long long ways from anywhere far. Four helicopter ride, but then you're dealing with some fun. Dr Northern, part of. White Horse your. Doctor, it wouldn't have been good so. I called my my my buddy. WHO's a medic and it's like dude. What should we do? I piss on it. Bleach ibuprofen. Fuck rich some. Yeah, because I guess. Like bleach clean everything out like he's giving me, I.

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