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Our EMS to via should only be administered by healthcare provider in a certified medically supervised healthcare setting that really encompasses this this conversation. There was a big press release from the FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb that came out on November second when to via was officially approved. You can read it in full. It's very long statement trying to answer a lot of the concerns that people have voiced since this drug became marketable. And since people started to realize that this was probably going to potentially become approved by the FDA. So. So so here are the big concerns. We already have su- fennel on the market is of course, though, already available only through intravenous administration. So the argument here is that there are situations in with in which a patient might need immediate reduction of acute pain through something very very strong. And when I say, strong, how are they usually wording. These articles Sufen channel is ten times more powerful than Fenton hill. And it is I think what is it a thousand times? Or is it one hundred times? Steve do you remember more thousand thousand times? Yeah. More potent is the best better. That's a little more accurate at times more potent than morphine ten times more potent than fentanyl. No that doesn't mean necessarily that. If you take the same amount, you'll be a thousand times more like eft up. What it really means is that it takes much much less of the drug to have the same effect. So obviously, the potential for abuse of something like this is potentially enormous if it's not well, regulated so popular sites gives a little bit of background on the opioid quote unquote epidemic from one thousand nine hundred nine to twenty sixteen over six hundred thirty thousand people in the US have died from drug overdose and over half of those so more than three hundred fifteen thousand of those within that time span directly involved opioid medication. That's according to the CDC on average when calculated about one hundred fifteen Americans die every day for an opioid over. Us. So keep that in mind now, many of these people have prescription opioid drugs available to them many of these people are using opiates that they've purchased on the street. Bentonville can be abused on the street. And it is actively like there are many cases of people overdosing onto feno. This new drug again called the Suva, which is sub lingual form of Sufen fennel is a single tablet and the way that that tablet is administered is through a single use package. So it looks like it almost looks like a little needle. But instead of a needle a push administrating piece of classic that pops the little tablet underneath a person's tongue and the entire package is only loaded with one tablet, and so the idea here is that that should reduce the ability for abuse because you're not buying a bottle of pills at a time. You get a single dose in your administration, and we're not talking prescription that you.

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