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A plea from the head of a hospital in Texas struggling to keep up with an influx of Corona virus patients. Dr Ogi Ecology at El Paso Medical Center. 2020 is not the year of being Christmas. Let's ramp this down. Let's get this under control and go into 2021 really saying, Hey, we beat this and hopefully start to get our lives back. Yesterday, the US recorded a single day record of 100,000 new cases. 751,000 people signed up for jobless benefits for the first time last week. It's a slight decline from the week before Bank rates Mark Hamrick with the bigger picture the total number. Americans receiving some form of benefit declined by more than a million to a still elevated 21. A half million all this looming just ahead of the October employment report. Which is expected to show a drop in the nation's jobless rate. The Dow is up 487 points SNP ahead. 67. This is CBS News. Good morning and welcome to CBS this morning joined Tony couple, Anthony Mason and Gayle King Weekday mornings on CBS this morning. If you owe back taxes, there's a lot you need to know. Starting with rule number one Don't Mass with the I. R s they are cracking down this year by sending out heart stopping letters actively garnishing paychecks, levee in bank accounts and putting leans on homes and businesses. That's all true, but it's also true. There's a way out. It's called the Fresh Start Initiative,.

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