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He kept them. He had this Duffel bag. You would write jokes by hand is entire career. Put Him in his Duffel bag so he literally had a Duffel bag full of like thousands and thousands of jokes and apparently I think you said that during a typical performance later like once he hit the big time he would tell like over three hundred jokes in a set three fifty. Yeah Yeah our granted. They're quick jokes. Still Amazing but he. He remembered them all and he wants it. Best like the guy was a comic genius. Hopefully that's coming across here or will by the end of this right so it gets his big break at age nineteen. He's written jokes for a few years and he's GonNa try this out. And he gets a job at a catskills resort for twelve bucks a week ten weeks including room and board yet leak dirty dancing seen very much so yeah but he's like the up and coming comic onstage right. Have you guys ever seen ironman meets dirty dancing? That mash up now go check it out. This to- bizarre. It's one of the things you'll ever see. There's nothing to do with Rodney Dangerfield. Add on a sickly but so he's working he's working hard the stanton catskills like he gets re up. He he keeps going back to the catskills. It's one of his regular gigs. But on the on the side while he's working he's a singing waiter at the Polish Falcons nightclub where winners. Yeah we're Lenny Bruce's mom was the MC. He was an acrobatic diver right. But I know what you're thinking. Triple Lindy No. He did. Not Do the triple indy. In the movie. Obviously those of you who've not seen back to school. That was an in joke. Yeah he was a diver in the movie. The competitive diver while I was GONNA punish them for not having seen it. Okay sorry trying to drive them. Appoint so in. Nineteen fifty one. He gets married for the first time to a jazz singer. Name Joyce in dig and he had a couple of kids and move to New Jersey which we all know that the death knell for any comedian trying to work in New York kind of means you've given up but he didn't give up just yet he did for a minute for sure. Yeah not not at that point though. He was still trying to work but when he turned twenty seven he quit comedy and literally did not perform from the age of twenty eight to forty one at forty one he was like. Let's try this again. Well his he and his wife divorced so he's got a little more time. I think I'm going to go try comedy again. They actually got back together like the next year in stayed married for another ten years or something like that but this time around he was like let me see if I can figure out how to how to balance home life with this trying to break into comedy right. Yeah and let me try and develop an act. I think the first time he flounder because he didn't he know what kind of comedian he wanted to be. He tried singing. Tried impressions even tried comedy for a little while but he also had these jokes. About how much is life sucked like? He used some of these same jokes his whole life but they just didn't hang on. I'm quite right. Because he had his whole life ahead of him and he was young and full of promise that second time around he was right there in the sweet spot age. Forty one ish little desperate kind of sweaty and these jokes about how bad these jokes about how bad is life or it was going like really just kind of hit a lot more. He adopted a persona basically. And that definitely helped. Yeah I mean it was. It was SORTA him but it was also a character and when I was researching this I was like I was Kinda thinking about the. You don't see a lot of character. Comedians anymore no like. That was the sort of heyday with like Andrew. Dice Clay And Well Rodney Dangerfield and Imo Philips and it seemed like there were a lot of characters but now no one now. It's just like look at this thing that happened in my life. And how funny it is all these Travolta about my life. I'd like to see some good character. Comedians I can't think of any out there. I Guess Brent Wind Back. Let's wait. Wait what about like Larry. The Cable Guy He's total. I assume he's a carry character because he started out as a completely different kind of comedian. Oh yeah then adopted that percents. But I don't count him as a comedian so he's not watching. Don't worry no he's not. He's writing bad jokes. Start a flame war with Larry the cable. I'll totally take him up on other squash me with this sacks of money so he adopted his character He changes his name. Legally this point to Jack Roy. Which was that his father's name his father stage name Phil Roy Yeah. He Changed His name legally to Jack Roy and that was his real name till the day he died and he was performing under the name for a while until he tried the second. Go and decided You want anyone to remember Jack Roy. So he he told this guy that was booking them at a club in Manhattan. Could you just make a name for me and put that on the on the Marquee on the playbill? Yeah OR ANY AD. They took out so the guy who ran this place. The INWOOD lounge I think came up with Rodney dangerfield right but the weird thing is he actually lifted the name from Jack. Benny character like there was an original Rodney dangerfield. And it wasn't Rodney. Dangerfield right giant. Twist of of the PODCAST. It's all downhill from here. So the Jack. Benny came up with his character. And I think the forties maybe or something like that. Yeah of this grades. E Western hero named Rodney Dangerfield and I guess the lounge owner remembered it and came up with that. Rodney Dangerfield had no idea about this. So he's walking around like using this name for years and apparently he met Johnny Carson wants one of his shows. Johnny Carson was like you know where your name came from right now. What are you talking about the whole Jack? Benny thing and later on he saw Jack. Benny and Jack Bennie wasn't like mad or anything actually said I really love what you did with the character and you really. You know you did it just right so no harm. No Foul Yeah. They hugged it out very famously. On the second round he was he was making a living. Doing okay But he got his real big break in nineteen. Sixty seven With Ed Sullivan. He was He couldn't get booked on Ed Sullivan. But at the time they would book other Comedians for the run throughs as like just place holders for dress rehearsal basically and so he got spot on that and apparently did so well in dress rehearsal. That Ed Sullivan took note on the side of the stage. Which means he went like this. You're funny that's how you knew. It's all them and thought you're funny. Works for Nixon to do that. Great Nixon actually. That was the result of a huge long shot. He told his agent. Like just give me on Sullivan. And it played out out very well. Ended up being on Ed Sullivan like Seventeen Times or something like that. And it led to all these other Late night appearances us on Carson. Like I think a record he holds the record for being on Carson. The most seventy times something like that. Yeah merv Griffin Dino like all the due to are running late night in basically where the taste makers for all the comedians were suddenly promoting the sweaty weird coked up Pothead Booze Hound. Huge potheads. Name BY THE WAY. Rodney dangerfield right and he took it in Moran with it like right when he hit in one thousand nine sixty seven. He got to work that he was such a big pothead. Actually the original name of his biography was going to be my love affair with marijuana and he was serious he wanted to call it that because he smoked body said for you know sixty something years but well up until the day he died for twenty one on like he was smoking pot in Icu. In the hospital because he had an early medical marijuana exemption long before anyone even knew it that way he just wrote his on that was but if he flashed in your face you didn't ask questions so He got his big break. Actually Carson had blackball.

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