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Double snow in many locations right along the coastline by tomorrow at this time we'll have this storm locked it all right we'll find out same thanks so much next to that deadly standoff dragging on overnight east of los angeles and arms suspect locked in a tense showdown with police after a traffic accident that suspect accused of shooting down two police officers killing one and then barricading himself inside an apartment building for more than fifteen hours abc's eva pilgrim picks up the story tonight a 15hour standoff over one police officer killed another seriously hurt police leading the suspect in his underwear out of the apartment where he had been barricaded inside late last night officers pulling thirty role gregory casillas from the building frantically performing cpr trying to revive him sadly by daybreak police lining the streets to pay their respects to the fallen officer as others said in heavy machinery the perimeter of the apartment complex still surrounded this all started when police tried to pull over a truck for reckless driving friday night in pomona the truck didn't stop instead took police on a chase before crashing near this apartment complex police say the man to cough locking himself inside an apartment the building evacuated as he barricaded himself in a bedroom officers attempted to contact him and he began firing through the door striking two officers about seventy five officers from area agencies rushed to the scene forced to wait to move the wounded officers because of the gunfire.

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