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From Cadillac for a brand new 2020 Lincoln Corsair. I'll tell you what, folks, This is a ride that you will not forget. I mean, it's loaded with all the technology that Lincoln features in their vehicles, the ability to maintain your lane in tough conditions and reminder when you kind of hear out of it. All of these things are reasons why you should explore the Lincoln course. There. It is a unbelievably smart, stylish, classic vehicle. It looks great. I've said before. I've driven some very comfortable vehicles. This is one of them. See what? I'm talking about Goethe Heizer today and asked the test driving Lincoln Course there. They'll tell you about the concierge program that makes like easy when it comes to maintenance upkeep of your vehicle. They take care of all of that for you See what I'm talking about. Lighthizer. Take care of your vehicle needs while you take care of yourselves. You're a pandemic. You know what they say. Of course. Today's your Day. Lighthizer come to you. You've heard about purple mattresses. Try it before you buy it at Stein Awful. Football. He was radio WTMJ Milwaukee 11 0 wanted his 32 degrees Today Cloudy, breezy and a little bit sunny here in the morning and a high of 38 from the WTMJ breaking news center. I'm Kevin. Well, supporters for Joel Azevedo argue, recently revealed 911 audio leading up to his death sheds light on how he was killed. Come to the conclusion that something is definitely severely Rasta vato. Family advocate Tory Low, says the 911 Audio is telling him extra go home doesn't sound like a person is trying to fight tomatoes family is demanding Justice Police Department attorney from the FTC. And also the D A's office failed to be transparent. Milwaukee police officer Michael Maddie only is facing first degree reckless homicide and MPD spokesman had no comment because of the ongoing litigation. Tony Buttocks WTMJ News. Mattioli is due back in court in March. Vice President Mike Pence. Second lady Karen Pence in Surgeon General Jerome Adams received their covert 19 vaccines this morning in Washington. Next week, President elect Joe Biden will receive his shots. ABC is Kyra Phillips says It may look like a moment of unity between the outgoing and incoming administrations. But it really isn't this White House is doing what they think it is important to pump a vaccine that they have been working so hard on with the doctors and the scientists. And then, of course, Joe Biden and Kamila Harris need to get that vaccine because this is the incoming administration and also this is the administration that's going to be dealing with the distribution. Of this vaccine and moving forward to rid this pandemic so we can all cross our fingers get back to living, healthy and happy lives and, according to reports over 50,000 doses of the visor of covert 19 vaccine have made it to the badger state. Vaccines continuing to be provided to the states. Frontline health care workers here in Wisconsin, some saying about 50,000 have gotten it. Nurse coordinator on the Sickle cell program at Children's Wisconsin, Gwen Li tells TMJ four news. We want to get back to some type of a normal life. It's something I feel that everyone needs to do something that I had to do on being African American family. Miss your risk for getting sex Do Colbert I could feel it. I don't want them to get six other nurses wanted to set examples for their patients and Wisconsinites, while others nurses are calling it something each person can do to help change the world. Even without fans. Home field advantage means the world to the green and gold. The Green Bay Packers not resting on their laurels after clinching the NFC North Division. They know the road to the Super Bowl has to go through Lambeau Field. They want a rare championship game at home. That's voice of the Packers win. Larrabee. There's a major factor here involving Green Bay. It's Not just whether it's not just home field. The Packers play better at home defensively. And if you're going to the Super Bowl, your defense is gonna have to make a few stands. The pack hosting the Panthers tomorrow night kickoff is at 7, 15 Brianti, WTMJ sport and fresh off their NFC North title there back in action for win number 11 Tomorrow night. Our coverage begins at four o'clock. With opening drive. The Packers also will host around 250 people who work on the front line of the pandemic for that home game against the Panthers, according to the team, health Care professionals, first responders. In their household families will sit and socially distance pods at Lambeau Sports, Traffic and Weather are next WTMJ news Time is 11 04 Way understand wounds that do not heal can nearly destroyed your life. We know that vein and artery problems can have you spending too much time and doctor's offices and we feel that's wrong..

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