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Ben thomas with an ap news minute arizona and texas say they'll have four hundred national guard members at the us mexico border by next week it's a response to president trump's call for troops to fight drug trafficking and legal immigration the president has directed his administration to stay to study ways of ending catchandrelease that's the practice of allowing unauthorized immigrants go free while they await immigration hearings epa chief scott pruitt made his case for keeping his job to president trump today that says the ap report sports concerns about his own safety diverted millions of dollars in agency funds to his security detail patrick read it's the leader at the midway point of the masters but thirty six dollars a lot of holes left and actually end go out and keep keep to my game plan place for solid golf and just go out and continue shooting the sixties and see if it gets the job done tiger woods and phil mickelson made the cut but are well back in the pack i'm ben thomas a new documentary about elvis presley coming to hbo ex wife priscilla presley says the dock doesn't shy away from his drug use that he was addicted i don't think anyone who's on drugs think they're addicted they can get off very quickly or just get off of the pills it was it was it was part of his life really she says things were different back then and elvis trusted in his doctors and the prescriptions they gave us no betty ford there was no rehab centers but he didn't think he had to go have center they were prescribed to him the doctors knew what they were giving him so that was pretty much a part of his life director thom zimny had full access to gracelands vaulted made ample use of it to unearth little scene footage you also interviewed studio musicians producers engineers and directors as well as artists like bruce springsteen tom petty and emmylou harris however presley says this documentary tells the story differently so the.

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