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Accounts and allowed kids To every kids have the dollar amount attached to his name. Actually Goto family to address this challenging time rather than to go straight to a district school teachers unions feel entitled to their money, but don't feel obligated to actually provide an education. That's what we're seeing right now. And I think parents are fed up and write today and just on the point about the failures of distance learning. Virtual teaching. What? Whatever it is that we're calling it now. I even heard a lot of Democrats just in passing, like, Well, yeah, it was kind of a debacle. Why? How? What were the failures like? Personal, You know, there are some inherent limitations are easy for young kids. Learning on from zoom or learning on a computer with a lot of screen time is not the ideal situation. But there are virtual charter schools that have perfected this over a decade or more and have learned how to deliver education online. But that's that's not what this wass right. So for starters, the only the minority of schools were actually offering live instruction online. The rest of them had some combination of worksheets or, like digital platform check ins, often like multiplying platforms, which is just really frustrating for families. On and then and then we saw some complete abandonment of the instruction. Purpose of schooling. Eso. For example, in Chicago, Almost half of the teachers didn't even log on to the learning platform at least three times a week for the inspiration of distance learning, meaning those kids just essentially went without instruction. They went without education. Just basically gave up on actually delivering education. And that's the experience that families had in the spring. Which is why continuing that distance learning or that force of just distance learning seems like such an impossible ask for many families, especially single moms who live work. There is a really crunch time. Rhea life consequence to this that the unions are just not recognizing, and they're just calling everybody who brings it up as a concerned they're saying, Oh, you want people to die? You know you want like they threw a bunch of body dives in front of the district office in D. C is part of the protest, And indeed, he see the district went from a partial reopen several times a week to fully online. This fall because of the protests of teachers unions, But I think they're overplaying their hands felt everybody the independent Women's Forum. It's always good to have you on. Talk soon be.

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