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With with with with the north koreans demanded it was offered to him by the south korean national security adviser several months ago and that was a hasty decision might have been better to have taken some time maybe even before he accepted the meeting put some conditions on it that might have that might have saved us from all this trouble and all this uncertainty but again president trump negotiator believes he can sit down and make a win win deal with anyone with north korea that's a really tall task he's met makoviac gop consultant post a podcast called mac on politics more than a dozen people have been wounded after two unidentified men walked into an indian restaurant on the outskirts of toronto and set off a bomb had happened last night in the city of mississauga about twenty miles west of toronto the blast went off in the bombay bell restaurant at about ten thirty last night local time fifteen people taken to a hospital three of them with critical injuries constable arena yeesh nick is with the peel region police expecting this causes be sealed off for the rest of the night so we're asking for people to invite the area and of course if anyone has witnessed anything or has any information in relation to this incident please contact us authorities say the two male suspects fled after detonating their improvised explosive device no one has claimed responsibility police posted a photograph on twitter showing to people with dark zip up hoodies the incident comes a month after a van attack in toronto killed ten people mississauga by the way is canada's sixth largest city with a population of about seven hundred thousand situated on lake ontario it's fourteen minutes now after the hour on this morning america's.

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