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They can break mental flavor diet coke without their stomachs giving a single fought they are gorgeous tours in goes this piece mma chunky radio valentine's day is the time to sing about the ones you love it today you can do it on sousse accent fancy sports radio be a part of insecurity occupy calling in seeing you favour love song or hearing the best and worse from across the country get the caller number by visiting the series 210 accent many seven or by finding the fantasy sports radio on the susex fantasy kariuki throughout this valentine's day on serious accent fancy sports radio sousse 210 exum a seven it's like a tongue twister the game either i think it'd be easier just go hey valentine's people go sing carrio kits to ten ximenes seven at fun um it's talk to show time in tennessee was social time it's your time what's going on fellow you gotta valentine show time uh that's another story me in a thing is the ballot nah i'm not i didn't buy the thing that they put it like that no gilson showtime the day then my my daughter's does it but uh hey i wanted to talk about i'm amid bilal man out there at the up default at in vegas man and the guy was just as my humble is ill he actually sat there um in talk to us man probably about five minutes or so too we had a loss of the i can't wait to have back home again if he if he comes back to vegas uh a lot for him to say two hours.

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