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Watch the duck. Okay? Yep. I'll tell you, Paul, or endorse. Looks in the greatest condition I've ever seen him in. Geno. Paul Ohlendorf was Mr wonderful. His real name. Did he have Mondo? Did he dementia? Is that what it was just some sort of mental? Yeah. He was badly neurological issues for a very long time now, and he ultimately passed away yesterday due to it, and I'll tell you what he arguably Is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring. I mean that dude's physique. Obviously the dude was a body had the body. Do you concur, Mr Kendall? He was he was He carried that match in WrestleMania? Because Piper couldn't wrestle Hogan could wrestle T certainly couldn't wrestle. He was the only guy out there who could actually wrestle. He was also a great amateur football player was drafted into the NFL. Participated in what was arguably the first version of mixed martial arts. Back in the 19 seventies was a tremendous talent. One of the greatest pile drivers in the history of wrestling. I would have loved to have taken a pile driver from Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff will mark that tape. I'd love to take a pile driver for Mr Wonderful My dad. I texted because My old man is used to be a general gym rat. Right? And I've spent a lot of time in the gym and what happened to you? I don't know. I didn't get any of that from him. But I text him. I go. All right, Mr Wonderful, and he just wrote back. I worked out with him once at Gold's Gym on 38th Street. That's awesome. He was only five ft. Eight L o L Him and the Hulk came in to get a pump in before a match. Ah, they broke a fame working out together. The good guy can't work out with the bad guy. Hammer. Nigel Show will be right back. Get ready to cheer on Team USA. Sign up for Xfinity Internet and get a flex four K streaming box free and peacock premium included. Can your Internet.

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