Domestic Violence, NFL, SBA discussed on The Right Time with Bomani Jones - Who does Dan Gilbert think he's fooling?


Jerry seems to know something that we don't at this point mess harm fascinated to see what happened because look i maintain all along you know dement domestic violence this serious issue in the nfl is worth society at large but players have always been concerned about whether or not someone could levy an accusation against them that would be untrue and yet it could impact their ability to earn a living and now we have this case with a sikh you elliott and it's been going on for over a year micheal essien becomes what is it that you don't know at this point that you can render some sort of decision about there will be no discipline or discipline is forthcoming how long doesn't investigation go on how long do you whole battle over the player's head and i think at some point the lee has to address this one way or the other jim cutter the sba here on the right geno owners really fought the league on these benches suspended you expect jerry jones to put up a formal fight he can but at that point it would be up to the union the fight on seeks behalf not necessarily on because wants to delete issues it's discipline there is no whole lot the team can do at that point it would then fall upon the nfl pa to say okay we believe that there are grounds here to fight this this discipline and it would go forward from their and probably and obviously with the support of the team i would tell you jim drought or the as being here on the right time an interesting place right now because he just released lucky whitehead though they had situation with all these players these more significant charges weighty did all the way out is it a salvage area to tell us that this is about this issue would not that they were gonna cut amini way.

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