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I don't want to give it away with the damn thing no way. I got more d. l. hughley when we come back who've is the breakfast club good morning everybody is. Dj envy angela. Yeesh alameda guy. We oughta breakfast club was still kicking it with dio hugely g. what's been your own personnel experience. Go onto the doctor right. Even being able to choose the right doctor. What what has it been like for you personally. That journey well. I think everybody. Like when i first doctor doctor levin who was a great doctor when i initially started going To the doctor's office. I go to a doctor named dr brown and he would never touch me a look at. We must have it was killing me. I didn't know what was going on. Twenty twenty five years ago. Then i see this young kid walk by and you adopt and i told him what was going on and that doctor started treating me now. He treats my whole family as like so. He's any trees a lot of people but he started asking me questions. Like how can i decide. What's wrong with you if i don't have an inch an intimate at the c. You touch you. App see was gone on. What you at the care So i think that if you look at how black people are treated You don't have to look for for for the nomi soccer when she said she wasn't. You know mentally up to performing. They said that she was she. Was you know. Weaponising mental health They just don't believe us. It was sick. They don't believe us if we're ever heard they don't believe in one of the reasons we didn't get a hooked on. Opiates to the extent they the country. Because we don't have doctors though you ain't and pays online give you nothing stopping so so. I think the idea that when we tell you we heard. There's something in your mechanism in your mind can't believe they blacked like even medical doctors right now. Believe back blackley were bigger more pervious. Apparently not soupy if a black person had a superpower. It'd be the it should be the ability to make people believe that. That would be a great book. You should read the my grandma hands Ratio it's called. My grandma's hands racial is trauma in the pathway. Mending our hearts and bodies man. They talk about that at length. About how about how white people. Just feel like we're just impervious to pain. That's to me. Like even the very j marion sims Who had up until recently. A statue in You know in the park in. It's the father modern gynecology. He performed Surgery without anesthesia. On enslaved black women like almost everything that's associated with us almost everything even if you look at jim teeth more white people be off on a day. They can raise the industry. I'll be to abuse. Laker will often. And i think to make it fair. We're gonna have a june team. Wipe you work all day for free that day for us. Were you there. Things that america will accept in their things. They won't look. We made incredible leaves. We will accept the man that a man is really a woman. Trapped in and and and and women's are women's really man trapped in a man's by but we haven't grasped the concept that all black people on inherently inferior or hanley criminal like time a black person gets shot is like what about chicago. I live in san jose with the helicopter. Do like so. I think that there. When i watch you do energy with people and he was talking about how far america's come buddha judge man. What did you call them instead of how it looks right young kid but i think like everybody else. He can't wrap his mind around the fact that america either black people infantile a more people. America's been incredibly racist and monsters. Either he they hit when you when you look at the fact like they always look for. We've come yes but every one of our freedoms is attached to white people's notion of every one of our freedoms has more on in every like even the right to vote depends on what set of white men are in power at the time it gives a when it comes up relaxed incomes of when our freedoms are not in. We shouldn't have to negotiate hugh basic human freedoms but we as free as the white people in charge. That day let us be does right freedom. We don't have to negotiate freedom. I don't have to have a panel see and one of the things people say. Well it makes people feel bad. This critical race theory learning about racism is bad but change was a lot worse. That's right. After i got it so i don't i don't understand and there is this notion that you would ever has happened to. You has to have been your fault or my forefathers would just monsters like we have monsters on the on. The twenty dollar deal is the fact that we got arabia's and the murder on our money that we have to work artful is ironic to me. I i the fact that they point to create this country. And say yeah. This is what this country is all about. If this country was really about freedom just freedom liberty and justice for all we wouldn't have to fight for our rights who has the fight for the even black the only force of the only being the only being in existence that has the other as- other beings for his right to exist. It's right to just leave. No one's telling you we wanna be enjoyed. We're saying we have the basic way that our lives matter is a political statement that starts heights as right. I never thought. I'd see america associated disease. They let us walk around with mascow. I just just getting around this notion in and and help having black ones then. It's not like i hear You know and you hit this all the time black on black crime but blogging black children who have black teachers throughout the course of their educational a journey a more likely to go on the school black women and black people who have black Medical of the doctors and healthcare professionals are more likely to have a successful outcome. We can't be bad for each other if we teach you how to learn and we leave each of the life. We can't debate always Just just having black people around you make you safer an open your mind up. How can we be bad to each other. And why do we sell the notion that we are man if the ill is mind. Dl these these colonizers who who killed rate pillaged all around the world. Most violent people you've ever seen a convince the world that we'd a violent ones and each other that way too violent ones. You know like when everybody always go. We like crabs in a bucket. Well you idiot. Crabs belong in a book. If you put anything any is crazy to me. I was gonna say back to your black on black crime because yes people always bring that up. And i can't stand when people do that when it has nothing to do with the matter at hand when you're talking about police brutality against black people and they're like well black people need to stop killing each other and you're right and you say it in the book to black on black doctoring. Let's talk about that. Black on black entrepreneurship and how we help. We can help each other out so much and that representation really does matter because how do you know what you can be are doing. How can somebody help you better than somebody. That looks like you right. People we learn by seeing things like would like something in hearing things we're audio didactic to a large degree. Whatever we are right now is what we see like like people start playing stuff investment. Because they saw like people doing we started looking at what happened with black. People wants the cosby's how many went to college. Look at what happened. Now when brock obama ran for president and look how many people became involved in the political process. and you there's a direct correlation between cosby wasn't copy. Not not all the stuff that having after he then went to american acceptance.

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