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Time to come out of the tunnel on campus conversation Notre Dame is going to be without quarterback. Ian book this week against Florida state because of an undisclosed injury head coach Brian Kelly will likely have addressed this by the time. You listen to this podcast the hit he took against northwestern is online where the the wildcat tackler got a knee into books ribcage while book was diving, and we're assuming that that was the hit book has been starting since the game against Wake Forest. The offense is looked infinitely better not perfect. But averaging nearly five hundred yards thirty eight points a game since he became the starter. Leads the nation in completion percentage semi-finalists for the Davey O'Brien Maxwell awards Irish sports daily was the first to report this one out today. Annenberg what more can you tell us about this injury and his potential status moving forward. Sure, we'll sources tell me. It was a rib injury as you mentioned in the northwestern game. Now he finished the game. He had the put away. Touchdown touchdown run in the fourth quarter came out to talk to us in the media seemed fine. But it appears if this injury continued and is going to keep him out for sure against Florida state. And I'm also told from source in the program that Ian is expected to return next week against Syracuse. Just like we all thought Josh they're holding out for Florida state. Bet he'll be back for the Syracuse orange because if they doesn't mean it's over. It's just what we all believed. Right PB like in the preseason. Thank goodness. Notre Dame doesn't have to play Syracuse. This. It's crazy that we're not only that. It's like thank goodness Ian book who at that time was the backup quarterback. Right. Like, we'll we'll only miss the Florida state game in be back for Syracuse. I think that goes to show you how weird twenty eighteen has been for a bevy of different schools. But listen, I mean, it it is a factor. And I always the first thing when big injuries like this again announce I always want to know, what does Las Vegas think about it? Because traditionally that's where you see billion dollar casinos being built. And I think before the game in when there was not this news if it was kind of questionable. Whether he was gonna play Notre Dame opened up as around nineteen point favorite that has already down to about fifteen and a half. Mike continue to roll down a little bit more wants the money comes in. So I mean, obviously, there's a difference in the. Style and difference in the proficiency of that offense. What seventy four percents of his passes. He's completed that was an book they go down to fifty five percent with wimbush. And this this no doubt Schick looks like an incredibly different offense. When book was in in one that seem to be gelling in kind of falls apart against, you know, luckily for Irish fans, a rebuilding seminal squad book has certainly allowed receivers to play more to their potential while Brandon wimbush running quarterback Schindler to the move from hurts to to for Alabama or. Wow, look at these receivers. Wow. This is they have some weapons here. The interesting part about this. The irony is that it's wind Bush that helped this team get the biggest win of the season resume builder against Michigan in the season opener. Adam one last thing on the injury since it sounds like it again, Brian Kelly, Mike confirm this today. But since you're saying it sounds like he's going to be good for Syracuse. That makes you believe. That if this week had been a very important game or a lose -able game. He'd be playing is that a fair speculation. It's hard to say because this just happened and. Brian will address the media tonight after practice in south bend, and he may make reference to well if there's an emergency on Saturday meaning down or it's a close game in book. But I think that they really do want to keep him out this week if at all possible because there's injury has has lingered and this week in practice, and I will say this. I actually was speaking with an ACC offensive coordinator earlier today, Florida state while not being very good. It's still scary. Yes. Their talent, and especially on the offensive line and some other areas. So this does make it a little bit interesting because you'll Brandon obviously was out there when they beat Michigan also out there when they struggled to beat ball state at a game that our friend Peter is brought up a few times. So so, yeah, there's there's a reason they made a switch, and there's a reason that their offense has been a lot better than the book out there. You mentioned that the receiving. So I'm very interested to see how Bush performs because we haven't heard many complaints out of it. We haven't heard much of him at all since they made this change. And here's his opportunity Saturday. And I think it's safe to assume that again speculation that it's not like book is guaranteed to be one hundred percent when he takes on Syracuse. So then you start talking about some what if what if Notre Dame drops a game. How will the committee view Notre Dame that drops a game with either book out this week or with less than one hundred percent? There's so many other things we get that. There's so many variables outside of their controlling how other teams do. But but Peter kind of reminds me of Clemson last year, they drop a game oddly enough against Syracuse Kelly. Bryant was bagged up eventually sidelined with a concussion didn't it back their playoff standings, simply because. They had a wreck Miami team hanging out there that good wins on the schedule ACC championship as well. How do you think of a loss down the stretch here with Notre Dame would view would be viewed whether books in or or? It's interesting. You say that I almost think that if Notre Dame was salutes, which I still don't think they will lose. I think they'd go undefeated you hear that Golic and Golic junior. I think Notre Dame's going tweeted not true unless you tweeted, that's right. However, if they were to lose because of that, this is almost a better game to lose because he could say, well, you know, Ian book didn't play for the state's run defense was pretty good. It was a bad match of forum as opposed to. Hey, book comes back. They lose to a good ranked team in Syracuse. I know that's crazy to say but having done the college. I have seen where we'll wait a minute. Let's go back to what happened in that game. Okay. When they would go back and say, hey, if somehow Notre Dame was the stumble again four to they're like, well, listen to this team is different. When the book is in here if they were to come back with the book the following week against Syracuse. And do what they've been done that the book has done for the most part of the year, which is lead this team, the thirty eight points a game they that that actually in a weird way would help them if they happen to lose. But again, I don't think that they lose either one of these games. But now we start getting into everybody that feels really good about their team is also looking at going. I would like a little chaos to happen here. The last week or two just in case Thompson does lose a game or somehow Mississippi State stuns Alabama or Georgia's a one loss team that gets in where do they stand every everybody's looking. Everybody's pulling against everybody else at this point. That's what I love college football conferences. Have Notre Dame problem? I mean, the big ten if Ohio State wins out has Notre Dame problem. The big has a Notre Dame problem. So any injury bad news from Notre Dame? Great for almost every other conference. Really when you're when you're trying to have some insurance or trying to find a path in into that top four. I'm with you on the Florida state thing where you lose to Florida state, and then maybe lay a number there on Syracuse would of be best case scenario for worst case situation. But Adam, Dan, woken USA today. Had an interesting one today. I don't want to go through a billion what ifs, but he had one. And once I understood it became a little challenging to answer. But Notre Dame drops a game. Bama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio State all went out. So you got Notre Dame drop a game. But Ohio State your one loss big ten sham. Who's who's it at that point assuming a Notre Dame loss is not a blowout loss? It's a competitive loss. That's an interesting one. Sure. So Notre Dame and Ohio State with both have wins over Michigan. Correct. Ohio State would have won more total win the Notre Dame and a blowout loss locker do. Yes. It would. But Oklahoma's lost Texas is not looking great either close loss. But but let anyone watch that game knows it Texas was better that day. I I'm very curious as to how they're gonna you Oklahoma. Maybe it would come down to Ohio State Notre Dame. But I do wonder if it would be Oklahoma versus Notre Dame. And Oklahoma would have won a game in West Virginia tough game on the twenty third and they would've won the big twelve. Yeah. Probably would be Ohio State. Sweating it out again on election day after winning the big fan because of that that blowout loss. But you know, they would have at least finished strong. They would have a road win against Michigan state. They'd have a road win home win against Michigan. That would be more impressive than what Notre Dame's doing here down the stretch..

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