Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant discussed on Giants vs. Cowboys


Six to three and four without and one thing that you had mentioned about the running game. It's improved the running game where they were under ninety yards a game rushing without him. You put him in the lineup. And now they're up at one hundred twenty eight so teams are not putting eight in the box. And when they did, you know, even then they were running the ball pretty well. But not like they are now when you look at Dez Bryant he was their aging playmaker. He just wasn't getting it done anymore. Receiving core. The Dallas Cowboys had they needed somebody like Amari Cooper, Amari Cooper. And the other part of this with Amari Cooper is deduct Prescott. How much he has really has learned to play with this guy. He's had an eighty seven point four passer rating without him. He's now over one hundred with him. So lots of things changes when when you get a player like Amari Cooper that comes in and puts up some numbers that he's gonna have it. Today. We don't even know I get to be over a thousand yards of receiving the season, which is impressive considering his slow start with the Oakland Raiders. And you brought up Dez Bryant jazz. They not only moved away from days. They also lost Jason witted whose. That's more of a reason why they needed a security blanket an insurance policy somebody to draw attention from the defense at Amari Cooper. And no question when you mentioned those other two guys including Jason Witten. Now, they have somebody like that that the team has to respect on the outside. And they run him around. All the other thing to look at Dak Prescott loves Amari Cooper on third down thirty six forty eight conversions to him that seventy eight percent. So look for Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott if it's the third long or whatever it is. And they're in a passing situation. Look for him. Now Zeke is not playing today. But a notable stat regardless of whether or not Zeke is playing he has ninety five targets seventy seven receptions, Dave involved him immensely in the passing game. His previous career highs. Jeff were thirty nine targets in thirty two catches. So the reason I bring that up. Rod Smith is going to replace Hezekiah Elliott, clearly no matter who's back there digging to look to involve in in the passing game and help out Dak Prescott out of the backfield. And I think this comes. From a philosophy standpoint. When you look around the National Football League Barkley Todd Gurley. You get a lot of these versatile running back. And I know that when you look at early you remember, the north-south runner a guy that can get you the yard when you need it. But I think the Jason Garrett looked around the league and said, listen, I've got a guy that can be an outstanding athlete. We've got to get the ball to him out in space a little bit. And then see what he can do. They certainly have done that by increasing his receptions in his attempts on the season. Let's flip over to the opposite side the defense one of the best units in the league this season sixth overall at ranked fifth against the run ninth against the past one of the most notable additions to the squad has been this year's first round pick. He may go down as the steal of the draft. Linebacker late advan deresh leads the team in tackles also tied for first it interceptions with two.

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