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History we will be down there, Don will be back here making sure things don't, catch, on, fire Sounds okay But we will be down there starting at. Five thirty it'll just be. Me Alexis Paul black and. Some goats About six o'clock six thirty so. Please. Come down and see us early will be, there and then building yeah I can't wait to see. It yeah and then once. We get done with that, then I go down and I do my talk show. Lex will be down there. Probably if history has anything Yeah I'll be there on the day yeah Monday Monday. Lexicon nine he'll probably pop in from time to time usually do as you walk, down so come down and see me you don't, need a. Ticket people always ask you don't need to take to be in the audience. For, the show and then our meet-and-greet. Begins. At noon back at the mytalk building so, I am sincerely we're going to get back to the. Game as quickly yesterday Colin. Went out with his friends I call them after the shows. Yesterday and we go over I'm like I'm sure you do with on hell Mike, so what's your day look like Having happy with my friends and. I go, oh great I we hadn't talked about, it. Before so I'm like oh fantastic Curl. I I got a home at about two two. Thirty I did not move like I want to go for. A run I did nothing and I thought I'm saving up I'm like a squirrel with with with acorns of my mouth I'm conserving all of my energy for the fair. Because it's going to be because our shows down there now I'm gonna be on the, fairgrounds longer than I usually am so from, five, AM. In, the morning till about two thirty, in the afternoon, every, day I am I am not, even gonna. Feel, bad for being a little lazy today because it's. Wants Thursday hits I will not be home so many ways so. Come down and see us we can't wait to. See all you guys yes it's going to be fun and. Yet we have our new buildings you can check that out to be great Jennifer Lopez at the as other than Madonna ruining the Retha Franklin tribute people are talking about. How good she was other spectrum she was fantastic the unless you're Kylie Jenner look long They are not the only one is ridiculous Board yeah it's like sorry I, mean you're a business, woman but you know you sorry that you. Don't think jaylo is entertaining. I have news for you she's seventy times more. Entertaining, than you are Never, had to work in real life in real. Business where you have to. Pretend to be happy like during meetings there You gotta you gotta smile and pretend like you like being there yes you know there's a camera. There there's a camera I don't care who it is and. You don't like them put on a smile be present enjoy it here she's performing. She did a great for ten minutes. Jaylo was up there. And she did what. We always say, that artists should do she did her tried and true songs. We can sing along, we could dance. Along it wasn't beautiful montage. Of Oliver hits and she had a few costume changes it just the dancing the? The, smoke the, whole thing was beautiful. The long hair She did Yeah she won the vanguard award and she, so I There's there's a thank you to her mom and her sisters and, few other people in between professionals that. She works with but you'll, hear her thank her kids and then she thinks Alex and I'm curious to see. What. You guys first reaction to what I was thinking okay so. Here's jaylo. Winning, the vanguard award and part of her. Thank you Two little angels come into. My life Everything changed Who I had to. Be better I. Knew I had to go higher I knew I had to be. Stronger than I have been before, it was, through that unconditional love my career my whole. Life became clearer in every way and now today I stand here stronger and. Better than ever And alex My. My twins so we're like mirror images of. Each other know my life is is better with you because you make me realize it. Every day the sky is not. The limit the universe is infinite And so is what we can accomplish together with love and trust and. Understanding there is so much more to do so experience I.

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