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They get started in Houston Friday night game one of their American League division series. Leland skipper, Terry Francona discussing the Astros and how he's planning on using his pitching staff in the series when he met with the medium on Thursday. I don't ever manage another team hands full with this team. Go my own thing. I never evaluated or ever. I mean, the fact that they won and things didn't go necessarily corny playing like in the bullpen shows that they're not afraid to to deviate or whatever. But I never like I said, I got my hands full doing what I do here. Get some thoughts from you about Justin Verlander who boy he's one of the best. He's been one of the best. He's been doing it for for forever. You know, maybe about five or six years ago. It looked like he was starting to show some wear and tear away. Also. He's he's fun to face. And a Swiss reason, I say that because you think you're going to beat them around. But because he's so good as like the Astros. They present so many challenges, but they're fun to play. You know, they're they're really good as his ver- Lander. But if we want to get low we're going we're going to have to figure out a way to beat them. But they're fun to play. We're talking the other day about Trevor Shane Shannon game four, and it depends on what happens the first three. You said Andrew can throw fifty pitches. Like he like he did two years ago. Could be that guy. Could Trevor throw throw you fifty pitches in one game and come back the next night and be available. Again, if anybody could is probably him again he can throw Andrew control fifty pitches. I don't wanna do that as kind of my point took it. I don't know that we wanna do that with anybody. He'll sometimes things happen. You know in Canada. Did you can't recreate every single thing that happened a couple of years ago, but our job now is to take who we have now and get the best out of them. I guess a roundabout way of answering. Your question is if we get where we want my guess is that Trump is going to be used a ton. Indian skipper Terry Francona on Thursday Burland Johnston, Verlander sixteen wins nine losses. Two point five two ERA during the regular season did not go up against the Houston Astros. Corey kluber twenty game winner of victory in two starts against the Indians. During the regular season Astros skipper AJ Hinch also met with the media on Thursday this series of the more traditional. There's so many strong starters. Is that nice? Is that significant significant? How does that? Well, it's significant because you'll see the most, you know, the most starter innings, you know, if things play out as people expect and now that now that it's laid out that way, you probably won't and there'll be some starters that leave early. But I think it's just different. I think I've said this all year about the opener versus versus our rotation. We face all kinds of guys September created a whole new, you know, love affair with the with the opener idea in the had expanded rosters. Now you have short series. I think you just have to focus on getting the twenty-seven outs. How you get there? What's comfortable for people is when you have Justin Verlander and Corey kluber and carrasco's and Kohl's and these guys that that mostly get into the middle to latter parts of the game. But I think you have to play the game the way the way that you have to play it, and whether you're personnel fits that. You can't really have overriding philosophy. I love starters. Why? Because I got good ones. And I think that's that's the easiest way to it's a fall in love with the rotation and have that mindset of I want my service, go deep in the game gathered good, but if not then I gotta have a contingency plan. And and it becomes a bolt. Dave very quickly. If if you if you fall behind or if the if the starter's not at his best Indians ninety one victories during the regular season. Never really challenged in the AL central during the second half of the season. Buster only on the baseball tonight podcast on the team that he likes in this series. I got Cleveland in this series. I it really is gonna come down as much. We're talking about bullpens stuff. It's kind of cool. It's gonna come down. I think to Corey kluber versus Justin Verlander to two Cy Young award winners who gets the best of them. I was looking at the numbers. And and granted some of these words generated at a time when Landers was that his low point with the Troy, but think about some of these numbers Josh Donaldson against Berliner six for eighteen Jose Ramirez. Eleven for twenty seven with five extra base hits five walks. One strikeout. Francisco Lynn door ten for twenty nine. Double a triple A Homer four walks to strikeouts. So some guy key guys in the Indians lineup was good success against Verlinde. All four division series in action on Friday, again, all four games will be heard on ESPN radio. Indians astros. Get things going also air on TBS television to five first pitch from Houston. It's sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio the SPN app. Siriusxm channel eighty first. Ten.

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