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Jazz number three on my list oh coach your candidate fair enough here's why to me what happens in the playoffs could impact coach of the year voting number three for me nate mcmillan indiana pacers how did this group nearly beat cleveland look what the cavs just at the toronto and then look how close indiana was to never leading cleveland played toronto they almost beat them they lost paul george for an underachieving victor oladipo and a very young democracy bonus both of those guys ended up being really good players for indiana particularly depot there were sites in vegas mel that had indiana's over underwent total after the trade of paul george at thirty thirty yet they won forty eight games mcmillan led the pacers to their highest scoring offense when it comes to points per one hundred possessions since the nineteen ninety four ninety five season and the forty eight wins and beating cleveland in game one in cleveland like a drum and nearly beating them in this series forcing the seven nate mcmillan number three for me when it comes nba coach of the year nate mcmillan's number two for me well i'm not going to repeat what you said but you're correct you judge a coach a team by the over underwent total set by vegas we do it for the nfl you set the cleveland browns whatever and they went eight games this year which i think they will then that's a heck of a coaching job by hugh jackson so you judge it by that you said thirty i i saw thirty one and a half that's a sixteen and a half game when you went forty eight over the threats of sixteen and a half plus advantage the experts were predicting the fifth and the be the indiana pacers a fifth worst team in the eastern conference they finished with the fifth best record in the conference and also you mentioned what they did with the.

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