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Election Night Live from NPR news. From ABC news. I'm Tara Siler. Polls are now closed in California in what many are expected spending to be a record turnout here for midterm election. It's only been about fifteen minutes, but some results are already coming in and cake. UD's Marie logos. Is here with the latest and Marie? So what do we know at this point from early returns from California's governor's race? Well, despite the fact that several outside groups have called it for governor Newsom early returns do show John Cox leading that would be a huge upset if it stays there. But you know, these are very early. We have just a couple percentages of precincts reporting, those aren't even the full precincts. And so we are waiting on that race to see what happens and we're also getting some early returns from our US Senate race. How's it looking for incumbent Dianne Feinstein who's running against state Senator Kevin de Leon? So she is up by about three percent in these again, very early returns. Polls had shown her which. With a much wider margin than that. And again, we've seen some of the networks call both these races for Feinstein and new Sam, but we are looking at these returns. And we'll see as the night proceeds, so we're we're just getting these early returns. I mean where where are they coming from at this point? So these would be ballots over four million had been turned into a head of election day, and those will be counted first, and then we'll see more and more of the votes that were cast today become as the night comes on. And what are you going to be looking for tonight in terms of key races? Well, of course, these big races we've talked about but also some of the congressional races. There's about seven we're tracking that could help Democrats win back the house if that indeed those trends do hold nationally. And so we will have folks all around the state at some of those election parties, and of course, at Gavin Newsom Johncock says we'll be checking in with them. What about the propositions, which well, you know, I think six the gas tax repeal has been the. The biggest sort of news e. Thing as well. As the attempt to expand or give cities the ability to expand rent control, those have been trailing in the polls were expecting to get some results on this fairly early. And what about the rent control measure, well that one has been down by a lot in impulse folks. Backing it didn't feel great. But I do think that we'll have to see what the voters how the voters weigh in. And I think with all of these, you know, it's really tempting to start making assumptions early on. But as we've seen tonight things have really gone back and forth nationally, and I think that's gonna continue as we watch these results coming in California. Okay. Thanks for my pleasure. Marie..

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