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Any michel sabbah tend to concerts it'd be elvis he break city utah desperate to come in with her talking about anas survey we will had what she had to say singling out basically heart ideological breaks a is the likes of boris yeltsin and jake of every smoky she writes that she is the future the tory party and not the likes of you were other the she is the conservative party is the commentator was saying just now i mean she's come up with this figure i heard a say the other day in the house of commons and i heckled are on it about thirty five hardliners i mean actually bought she's talking about is the mainstream conservative party the 35 figure is a complete fiction basically in order to leave the european union as we've said and as you said you know we were always going to leave the customs union and basically what brought down run gutter argue with you now julia what brought down david cameron cuffy very we coughing etc but what brought that david cameron was unafraid the british people who decided to vote for lee fund village in south down he said he would dare the governor as she put into place implement what every was the and also in any way fell only so and he told me eight months before the referendum that he wasn't going to take part he was going to leave it ought to george osborne and in fact to be had done that which is what harold wilson did of course he didn't get involved in new leaflets on i decide when the guy yeah that's right he's on himself because he equity think about it said adventure about developments interesting analyses interpretation of we nettie ponte's win in this country they win genuinely elections on the centreground but we where he said he theresa may was seen to thought moves this edge grabs there are selection to do much goes corp in contain quite the opposite with the labour party and doing very well and they just seems edged points behind i mean she write that that these hardliners do represent the majority of the conservatives i mean i think wh annecy breeze trying to do is to make the.

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