Joe Biden, ABC, Vice President discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


From ABC news. Michelle Franson the death toll in New Zealand from the mass shooting has risen fifty people. Now confirmed dead prime minister descended Ardoyne updating the public on earlier reports that other suspects may have been involved in the attacks at the two moss. Police have confirmed that there is no indication that to other people arrested on Friday. We're connected with the attacks. The main suspect in custody is an Australian citizen identified as Brenton Tarrant police say he is an avowed white supremacist. ABC's will car is on scene with the latest. Investigators are combing this area. They are going end by inch searching underneath cars and ingress looking for shell casings. Also more learning that authorities believed that the gunman targeted New Zealand because it's one of the safest countries in the world. And if you pulled off here it could pull it off anywhere. Vice president Joe Biden chalked it up to a slip of the tongue subjects suggesting he's leaning toward running for the White House again ABC's, Adam Kelly. She was in Delaware any potential campaign preview. Former vice president Joe Biden's fiercest critiques of President Trump Saturday night came in reference to Trump's comments in the aftermath of the violence that mardi white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in two thousand seventeen said we were and I quote, some very good people on both sides, very fine. People on both sides Biden has yet to officially entered the presidential race, but those close to him, including Delaware. Senator Chris coons say he is all but certain to join the crowded field. Adam Kelsey ABC news, Dover, Delaware, flooding in large parts of eastern, Nebraska and western Iowa in the past few days, washing out roads, sand prompting.

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