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That'd be like okay got it so everyone is horrible monster season to the big new character is the shame wizard and so it's like loves this so and we got david foolish to be the shame wizard if you watched fargo season three he's the villain in that and he's in the harry potter movies the bad guy in wonder woman wasn't in either allen dr moreau or the beach yes you now and a doctor who i don't know but it's possible that he's in boatmen favorite bad nineties movies whoa any might be in the beach he might be like tilda swinton boyfriend in the beach or something like he's he's he's a bad ass so it's like anyway so it's it's that's anyway so that's coming out this fall the thing that i'm probably the thing do for here that might be interesting is drew the basketball movie i'm in you worked with kyra i worked with my dear friend kyri did it was where does he rank against ends l and some of the other great acts you know what he's a good actor yeah like i was like god it this guy can ends wearing they're all wearing tons of prosthetics yeah and it's you know i was on that show cavemen you know what i mean like i was one of the cavemen so i know what it's like to wear a shit ton of percents and i was truly impressed by kyri as an actor he's one he's funny too he was a good actor when you see the movie like it's a the movies there has to be some emotional thing for to carry that for two hours and he's got it man it's like he's really i'm sure do you have you gotten to know him this year in years past like have you there's a there's a chance he's appearing on this podcast interrupted any soon yes he's an i really i mean.

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