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Under an hour, the The man the myth, the legend Jack Windsor from Wftv TV is going to join us. I love it. Just a few minutes. Ah, ago he sent out a Facebook post that said. Breaking news. Younger people are getting sick because we're testing younger people. Oh, so Jack's going to join us Live coming up in four. Thiss is breaking news on NewsRadio 6 10 W. T v. N this Justin. Younger people are getting sick because we are testing younger people. This has been a breaking news segment. I mean, isn't it? Is it like I'm bouncing back and forth between like livid and then laughing And then I kind of like sober up. I get living again. But then I start laughing. It's you go through those stages. What is it won the first one's denial and then acceptance and you know all of these things, and it's seven. Counties in Ohio now where they are, it's a mask requirement for seven different counties. Franklin Butler, Cuyahoga candles Hamilton here on Montgomery and Trumbull. They're rated that I'm sorry that you're going to say can't tell county Hamilton County do we have a camel toe county in Ohio? Not aware is that 89 rounds found in southeastern Ohio If it is They're rated at a level three in the new county virus rating system that's going on which is orange right now, Franklin, he said it was dangerously close. The purple, which is level for and that could be locked down. Um, and it was it was it, lieutenant Governor, Hughes said. That said they are not above or they basically the governor When asked, Is it possible we could see a new stay at home order? He says that at this time, it's not the appropriate action. But they're keeping an eye on the data and they wouldn't rule out anything. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, which tells me he absolutely 100% is not going to be shy about issuing Stay home order. If we're under a ah, purple, or I don't even know how you think that goes if he if he does that, how you think that goes? I I think he thought there were protests at the state house before. I think it might be. I don't mind. He'll do it. I think it might go to another level. What Josh is indicating, if, in fact they do another stay at home if they try another stay at home. I think the like what has been said with regard to protest that we saw during the last you know, whatever. Several weeks, it would probably may best that what would actually possibly we just go through this color coded crap 20 years ago Post 9 11 What? What were we were yellow one day with than we were an orange and then we're going to go back down the green that really only affected people technically flying, right? I don't even remember. Remember. Every day was a new color coding. I I really I get it. They have to leave the door. Open a crack. They're not going to go back to that. I really don't think so. Level three represents very high exposure and spread. Residents are urged to limit activities and much as possible. This is the state's designation. This is what they're saying, and they're also saying that this is from our governor. He said that the red counties He was told the virus is spreading out of family gatherings. Tourist destinations, funerals, churches and some workplaces. But he said, workplace is not as much but family gathering birthday parties. Virtue ation parties, no protest mentioned whatsoever. Come on, man, You're governor allowed to not mention the protest could be part Of what is going on. I was watching this in a different room than you guys were, and I thought the same thing and is a matter of fact. I think we share a common wall. And I'm pretty sure I heard your brains both explode when it is just Nauseated in to me. That This, our governor who I voted for and who I am now shaking my head at every most every time he talks he has gotten he's been had The same way every other politician every other, you know, hardcore big mainstream media outlet is the protest magically had no effect on anything. It is. So intellectually dishonest. It's insulting and it it's insulting and he loses all credibility with me when he denies that you want to say family gatherings. Fine. You want to say tourist destinations? Fine. You want to say birthday parties. Fine funerals. Fine. Church is fine. Some workplaces. Okay, that's fine. For you to go right past and not mention protest is unfathomable. Further mobile to me. I cannot believe that you have skipped right over that. And you're not mentioning it at all, because it's not PC for you to mention that It's unreal to me there were you say those other things are the reason that this virus is spreading. And you don't mention protest. Are you freaking kidding me? Because if he did, there would be new protest at the State House, demanding he resign and calling him a racist bigot homophobes. You know how the game is being played right now, and it's that age group is this dominantly that is getting sick. That came right on the heels. They start designating the age group, which is right in the wheelhouse of protests. Yet they're they're just magically not mentioned. Well, I noticed another thing, too, that I've heard. They're saying this new testing is showing that people 15 years younger than than the previous average are the ones getting sick? They don't tell you what the previous average was, and they don't tell you what the 15 years younger is. They just said people are getting sick 15 years younger, but they still won't give you any numbers to go by. It's all percentage. If you go from 2 to 4 That's a 100% increase right on and I'm not saying those are the actual numbers. I'm saying they're using percentages. It's it's misleading because percentages are scary when you put they're big, and they're scary, and they were not based on.

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