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Courtney Campbell causeway now once you're off the Gandy bridge heading in the eastbound direction, you're going to see that construction between west shore. Adele, may definitely when use some extra caution as you move through that area. I'm AJ Springer NewsRadio WFL. Remaining showers early evening, otherwise quieter conditions, building in as a cold front moves into and through the area. Eighty one degrees evening seventy-five overnight. We'll keep about a thirty percent. Rain chance in the forecast for mostly southern an inland. Areas for Tuesday, otherwise, partly cloudy and starting to feel drier eighty-five degrees for a high seventy degrees for a low temperature on Wednesday with a slight chance of rain throughout the day. But partly cloudy skies feeling a little less humid northwest winds ten Nazis one to to look for a light shop on inland waters. I'm news channel eight chief meteorologist Steve jersey. Newsradio WFL now streaming on your Amazon echo and over two thousand devices via the iheartradio app. Come in Tuesday. This is coast to coast AM with George Noory. It's called the case for space. The revolution. Spaceflight opens up future of limitless possibility. Robert Zuber, one of our favorite guests back with us. And he's next on coast to coast AM. Twenty five cash dot com is not a lender broker or agent of any lender. Or financial advisor, we do not make loan or credit decisions. You must be eighteen years or older and a US resident qualify. This is not an offer or solicitation to lend if you need cash for any reason there is help go to twenty five cash dot com and get the cash you deserve it cash for debt consolidation. Pay your credit cards pay rents pay your mortgage or more go to twenty five cash dot com right now needed down payment to buy a car. Go to twenty five cash dot com, how about home improvement money. Twenty five cash dot com is the place to go. If you need fast cash for any reason, visit twenty five cash dot com and get up to five thousand dollars fast. Good batter. No credit at all. If you need best cash, go to twenty five cash dot com and get up to five thousand dollars as soon as the next business day. Use your computer or smartphone is easy and secure. Visit twenty five cash dot com. Tom right now and get the cash you deserve. Rick is really good at soaring. Very busy hits the pillow like. That's what it sounds like. Rick and Robin gut Z quiet for snoring. Listen to their story. One of the first night that recused plant. My son said the next day dad, I didn't hear you in my room with Z, quiet. I'm not being. You know, told.

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