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They don't six say yeah emits the tommy anderson show that's me with rick miller kim sorry so exciting i get more and more revved up at sort of my dad tunes me off he says he get too high proper can't deal give he allows you to drink coffee galileo's to you i have not yet he i am i getting thank you to ms bk secret secret giftgiver she was very kind give me a yeti for christmas i ever yuri but it's a microphone oh really daily mike from for years grason has one two he has a big yeti at it in my computer room where we both have our i max he has the eddie which one i don't know but it's an ice when it was annoyed twenty boxes of vertical without argued that i also yeah yeah those are nice as ottawa one i wanna yeah and then they make the little snowballed yet he in the different ones but they're decent mike specially for a podcast asked him and things like that i love my yet he it's my favorite cup ever and it the grip is nice it's soft at the you know the lip part with the plastic in the i love it i mean i literally when i had the coffee this morning i'm like oh my god it was well i created this nirvana and aqap member or the alaska coffee roaster i wrote that script i wish we had that do we have that somewhere bury it up and see for have it higher that was a good one i love that i wrote that for donald james and he lives in new york and with my firm if you ever need radio production and i and i know people listening of heard me talk about this that my friends that listen but our firm optimal the correlations is the best in the state guaranteed the best in the state for diversity in i don't mean just as ethnic in age and gender i'm talk about in terms of voices in terms of cadence and style we have the best pete guston he did my intro couple years ago i've had a few that were air gave him as the one that doesn't out a loss vegas but pete guston did it and he's legally blind p gust a now is the voice for fox news.

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