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We can Kinda just hop into it and I wanted to. . Yeah I WANNA talk about the new album all of that. . But you know talking about sort of staying close to home and being I think it's rare for somebody who does what you do to to not be in L.. . A.. . Or to not be in New York and <hes> it's just interesting. . Do you do you find you know working on music? ? Does the place you are? ? Does that affect your thought process you're writing process? ? Does it affect your output? ? It's such a terrific question. . So I think that where we live in, , it's one of those funny things i. . full disclosure I was raised by a psychiatrist so. . My mom is a brilliant doctor, , and so I use a lot of what's called I think in. . Seki I trick vernacular psycho babble would say official term. . Fair warning <hes> but I do think there's an interesting. . It's an interesting thought threatened insofar as. . You know it's one of those things that people say, , Oh, , it's not where you are what kind of your internal locus, , what's going on inside you and of course, , there's there's truth in that but it's sort of a a both hand I think in that it really does affect especially for. . That are are artists and our job is to kind of absorb our environment and sort of. . Purge that through whatever are medium artistic medium is and so I think it does have a pretty profound impact on you where you live if you're artistically inclined and so interestingly, , we we split our time between the Eastern and the West Coast we have a place in <hes> in l. a., , and then we have a place. . Here On the East Coast as well too, , and so because I do a lot of film stuff I'm probably there about a week month, , and so we've got a lot of close friends and I mean close to. . Family they're actually in Los Angeles as well too and so. . I miss it when we're when we're not there and I lived full-time in Los Angeles for ten twelve years and. . I started to get. . I didn't like living there full-time if I'm being totally honest about it. . It's really really difficult place to live. . A lot of people you know you put in your time you're there for you know sort of crucial number of years, , and then a lot of people end up getting out again man you're you're you're absolutely right about that I. Mean . I can't even tell you how right you are about that I have so many friends that have done their time there they kind of establish their career in a way that they're happy and proud of in his sustainable and then they're like on thanks but no thanks with all the you know home robberies and traffic and no. . Thank you. . You know so. . It's A. . It's a tough place loon especially with what's going on now. . Is like a safety issue in Los Angeles and P something did he pulled don't like talking about but in everywhere in Los Angeles there it's it's. . Safety issues honestly I mean most major cities man yet. . So it's a little hairy. . I mean even for me living in the heart of DC in DC by the numbers is not as bad as a lot of places but. . It feels a bit weird to be so close to so many people right now. . Yeah absolutely. . I. . Totally. Hear . you. . I really do so. . So you know and I love I love California I. . Love I. . Love being there but I did my I did my full time time there and so. . It's it's really nice if we live in a place that is just very peaceful in us I, , mean we're so thankful during this time in particular the you know <hes> our family were able to just walk outside in our neighbors have cows and horses and stuff, , and so <hes>. . That's great. . You know we get our eggs from an amish farm. . You know a couple miles from here in our vegetables and fruits from. . Local co OPS. . Man Yeah. . Great, , did

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