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The chaff in lieu Hana Love Firm studio doing good by doing right. This is Katy K. Radio 56 with passing showers at 12 o'clock. I'm Poul Rasmussen. The federal government is taking legal action against one of the nation's biggest technology companies. CBS's Jim Chris Ula has more. The Justice Department's lawsuit against Google says the company has been breaking the law and using its market power to fend off rivals when it comes to online search engines. That's long. An alleged by lawmakers and consumer advocates. Google controls about 90% of global Web searches. 11 states have joined the federal lawsuit. Google is expected to fiercely opposed any attempt to break up the company. Allegheny County Staley, Kobe at 19 report has 103 new cases and one additional death. The rate of positivity from 756 tests is 13.6% President. Trump returns to Pennsylvania today to hold a campaign rally. In theory this morning, he called for a corruption investigation of Joe Biden, based on reports about what's been found on a laptop said to belong to his son Hunter. CBS is Stephen Portnoy has that two weeks before the election, The president tells Fox News. He wants the attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate his opponent got attacked and you got to act fast. He's got to appoint somebody. The president also called for the jailing of the House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff. He ought to be put away or you'll be, you know, something should happen or them. Mr. Trump says he will participate in Thursday night's debate. Despite organizers intend to cut the microphone. When a candidate's allotted time runs out. There's nothing there At this debate, but that's okay. Steven Portnoy. CBS News still no deal in Harrisburg, allowing Pennsylvania counties to pre canvas mail in ballots before Election Day. Of under, Tom Wolfe tells the radio morning show It would speed up the count that night open two envelopes. Somehow they've gotten wrinkle in the mail. They need to smooth them out so that they're ready to go through the scanner. They can't count. But get him get him ready that that takes time Wolf. It's not conceded to Republican demands to allow poll watchers to cross county lines. Last night, the U. S Supreme Court Let's stand a P a high court decision allowing counties to count mail in ballots up to three days after Election Day. The Allegheny County Elections office will be open expanded hours starting Monday, October 26th through Election day. You can see the list of dates and times at Katie radio dot com. A fatal head on collision on the parkway North.

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