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On now for fallen Coleraine township police, officer, Dale woods. The community is invited to Coleraine highschool to show their respects until four o'clock. Woods died earlier this week after being struck by a pickup truck last weekend. The investigation into that accident is still ongoing at least one person is dead after a shooting in south Fairmount early this morning. It happened at a home on Waverly avenue. Police say at least two people were shot. No word on any suspects. If you have information that can help in the investigation. Call crime stoppers at three five to thirty forty. The fallout may have been worse than previously thought when FBI director James Comey was fired two years ago. New York Times reporting that the FBI opened an investigation into the president over concerns that Mr. Trump was a national security threat days after Komi firing right house calling the New York Times report quote absurd. In a statement press secretary Sarah Sanders says quote James Comey was fired because he's a disgraced partisan hack and his deputy Andrew McCabe who was in charge. At the time is a known liar fired by the FBI in a series of tweets. The president criticized former FBI leaders is quote corrupt. For opening an investigation into potential collusion with Russia. Merida's McGraw ABC news, Washington. Meanwhile, the president is changing is tuned slightly on the possibility of declaring a national emergency to get funding for his proposed border wall with Mexico in twenty four hours after he said, he would probably definitely declare a national emergency to build his wall. President Trump is saying not so fast. It's the easy way out. I'd rather not do it because this is something that congress should easily do but negotiations have completely fallen apart and many Republicans are warning that declaring a national emergency would set a dangerous precedent. That's ABC's. Mary, Bruce, the partial government shutdown now into its fourth week making it the longest in US history. The democrat controlled house has passed bills to fund the government. But Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he will not bring those bills up for a vote in the Senate because they do not have the support of the president. There is college basketball tonight, the UC Bearcats take on the Yukon. Huskies at fifth third arena. Bringing coverage gets underway at seven thirty tip off to follow at eight. Our next update will be at one thirty. I'm Rick Pitino NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w this report is sponsored by Liberty Mutual insurance. Where you only pay for what you.

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