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I actually really hope they keep the core mystery of the same like, I know they can't follow each beat because it's way too long. And there's too many things I think would be maybe too expensive for them to adopt. I don't know that it looks pretty big. Oh, really neat locations really big Pokemon and that because the sheer number Pok Mon in detective Pika chew would probably be too many. And there's already a lot of things in this that are different from the game. I don't want to spoil anything or like reveal any of the bigger twists in case that that is a thing. But there are some references and actually the poster for the Ford undetected peachy movie that hint at things I did happen to the game some really excited. How do you like the voice of Ryan Reynolds as they don't be? So here's the thing. I think he's a fantastic actor, but it already feels like this is round Reynolds Pichu and not detected p to like the I joke that he lands is around rails joke. This is like a deadpool joke isn't a detective pitchy joke. Right. And that's I think what I'm most worried about going in this. They're writing this character for him in not as this character. I mean, that's that's probably fine for a lot of people. But for me, it's this appointing because I like, the Sassine is of detective pitchy in the games and his kind of weird old, man. Yeah. Likes women weirdly at them in but is hit on human women. Right. Favorite part of the? Yeah. But it's like very mild. It's just like what the heck does it in the train a little bit to you. But not to the same extent. And I just I want my Pika chew coffee tips. This feature loves coffee coffee. A cop. He'd better dude on the movie too. I think that like I was just sort of blown away by how much I liked the trailer because I think that sort of cynically I was anticipating. Just not being interested in in a detective Pichu film at all. But watching that trailer for the first time, it's like, oh, this might actually be great. And I think you really hit the the nail on the head like I think movies is going to print money. So it's going to be huge. So we post a we'd posted the trailer to all our all the platforms on it. It is our biggest biggest video on Facebook all year, and it's only been up week. It wasn't just like our biggest video. It's one of the it was the biggest video on Facebook. That was the number one video Facebook that day, and it was the biggest one fly genome Facebook all year. So that gives you an idea on how much interest that was the tone of the trailer to because you so a beat and excited, and they did it also looks grimy and grades. Yeah. That's what I was trying to what is it like enor- film? Yeah. Luckily, you You are. are. Not explain city is so much more gritty than isn't a game. It's like it's just like a pleasant town. This was like, oh, man. It's also a completely different experience to see it on the big screen. I don't know if you guys have had an opportunity to theaters, but it's pretty wild people share or what was the right cheered. When saw fantastic beasts crimes of ground or wonder, whatever his name, I I hear hear about about movie. movie, but it's awful movie. But the the detective peaky trailer ran in front of it. And I went with a group of people that are like completely uninitiated. Like, it was just like my pals that don't play games don't want it all and the reaction was like just a resounding what the F. Like, I I was sitting next to my friend. She leaned over to me. She was like this is real like what is this? So maybe not the target demographic there. But yeah, definitely gotta reaction at a people. That's for sure. I mean while I was over there. Like, yeah. You're so excited to see those again. But yeah, I think it's gonna be cool. I showed it to my kids..

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