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Okay. Let me put it this little early David. You're right. But that was Radulovich threw an elbow at Brayden point in the. Then they were talking to lend gored with trying to change in Raja. Love started to push him to. Snap goes in spurts. Good face of went for staff goes by Colbert around the far side of Polat couldn't deflect it out. It got blocked. It's held in by cog Leon, all right circle. A little feed of the right, circle and Spencer. He took a shot. Save vassal. Lasky? The rebound has cleared by surrogates have to center ice play at the point right there by for dude to hold in that pairing attempt from Polat Taylor under the rush left wing Alexi act to center ice whistles in in one of the lightning in the first plot works for Coburn in the far corner of your behind that short past middle Johnson, right wing. Stamkos. Stamkos center ice. Come on. Stephen. He got checked but following up circuits into the Dallas zone, right circle. Circuit pulls up right point stamp goes, right circle. Plot quarter Johnson under pressure. Stamkos pursues. It keeps it alive for circuits. Every point now maneuver to the near corner, he's gonna they're a little outlet cog Leon on the left wing cross ice team. Alexi? I kill spring have across the line, right circle. Cutting bradberry shot just deflected. I think by Coburn wide, right. He did miss that. Now Joseph winding up in front of the lightning that Matthew Joseph accelerating up the middle at center speeds across the Bulaq got hooked by FOX following up. Straubing point keeps moving for Ernie corner. Adam Ernie gets help from Joseph left corner. One of lightning in the first pocket left circle. Back for Joseph left corner pocket taken away by FOX, you'll find hey skin trying to clear it for could Elden. Mcdonagh left point left. Joseph zigal, Ernie shoots blocked rebound. For yen. Mark by the Dallas net short feed. Hey, skin deflected for maneuvers. It back to the lightning. In diamond is left in the first one Tampa Bay..

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